Secure eukhost shared hosting with quality 24×7 support

Shared Hosting UK

eukhost is the UK’s premier shared web hosting provider, offering several low-cost web hosting plans that utilize both the Windows and Linux platforms so that there is a solution suitable for all users.

Our cPanel Linux shared hosting plans are amongst some of the best in the UK, pairing a high uptime guarantee with a wide array of features that guarantee value for money and will allow businesses to make the most of their web presence.

eukhost’s Windows shared hosting plans feature the latest technologies including ASP.NET 4.0 and SQL Server 2008 so that Windows web developers have a reliable platform on which they can develop some of the most functional and user-friendly web applications. All of this comes at an affordable price, accompanied by our popular 24×7 support.

Shared Hosting vs. VPS Server

Selecting eukhost Hosting for your web hosting requirements will open you to a range of web hosting plans that are designed to fit the needs of users of different requirements; for power users, the next option after a shared web hosting plan could potentially be a VPS server.

A VPS server is essentially a virtual server hosted in a shared environment, with VPS hosting nodes being shared by several users. The following comparisons can be drawn between shared web hosting and VPS servers:

  1. A VPS server provides you with your dedicated hosting environment, enabling you to install applications and services of your choice as SSH access will be provided to Linux VPS servers and Remote Desktop access for Windows VPS servers – although managing a dedicated hosting environment may appear to be a daunting task, support is available throughout the process so that assistance can be provided where necessary.
  2. The core hosting environment of a VPS server is very similar to that of a shared web hosting plan as you are essentially sharing a core hosting node with other users, therefore meaning that the stability of a VPS server may not always be a massive improvement over a shared web hosting service, although with eukhost’s support team constantly monitoring hosting node’s, the uptime guarantee of 99.9% should be met every month without issue.
  3. The price of a VPS server is designed to attract users of shared web hosting plans who are gradually running out of resources to run their website stably – as a website grows the constraints of shared web hosting will begin to show and because of this, a VPS server will be seen as the next natural progression in the chain, therefore meaning that the low costs of VPS hosting are going to be attractive to users in this position.

Shared Hosting Security

eukhost takes the security of our servers seriously and shared web hosting is no different with investment in new technology being made constantly so that we can provide our customers with a web hosting environment that satisfies their needs and industry standards.

The security of a website is also a responsibility that should fall partially on the shoulders of the webmaster because even though eukhost endeavors to provide a secure environment, if a website has been poorly developed is storing data in an insecure way then this could cause issues with security; as a web developer you need to be aware of the most recent and secure coding techniques, whilst data should be encrypted when stored in a database.

We encourage the highest level of security possible for all of our customers, with SSL certificates being available for our Windows shared hosting and Linux shared hosting customers. Purchasing an SSL certificate will enable you to encrypt all data that is transferred between your website and your visitor’s computers, therefore keeping private communications secure and giving your visitors another reason to have confidence in your online presence.

Shared Hosting vs. Dedicated Server

eUKhost offers both managed shared hosting plans and managed dedicated servers that are all accompanied by quality 24×7 support, enabling you to call upon an experienced support team when you are facing issues with your web hosting service. The following are the core differences between eukhost shared hosting and eukhost dedicated server hosting:

  1. A dedicated server provides you with a physical server that can be used with several different hardware configurations, enabling it to be used in a much wider number of applications than a shared web hosting plan – these different hardware configurations can be used to achieve different goals, for example, RAID may be used to achieve greater data integrity in the event of a single hard drive failure or to even improve the read/write speeds of a server.
  2. A shared web hosting plan is hosted on a physical server with many other shared web hosting users meaning that stability of the hosting platform isn’t guaranteed, whereas with a dedicated server you will be provided with your hosting server that no other users will have access to unless you explicitly wish to share your dedicated server with another business or user.

The same level of support will be provided for managed shared hosting users and managed dedicated server customers, with eukhost’s 24×7 support being one of the key reasons for many people choosing to use our web hosting services – eukhost’s support team will know to assist you with any issues that you could face on the Windows or Linux platform with the outlook of providing a solution as fast as possible so that the operation of your website or hosting service isn’t impeded to any extent.