Separate server for each domain in a VPS?

Q. I have a VPS account and I would be running a number of websites using different languages. If one site is using ruby on rails platform, other one is using java and another one php. So is it possible to use a separate server for each domain? Can i use apache for domain x and tomcat for domain y, and be able to restart each one individually?

Ans. With VPS Web Hosting you have ample amount of server resources at your disposal which can be used as per our requirements. Each VPS has its own file system so one VPS won’t be able to see any of the data of another VPS server on the same node.

You can run tomcat for domain y along with Apache for domain x which should not create any problem for domain x or domain y. Tomcat can run simultaneously along with Apache as both run on their own ports. Like Apache running on 80 and tomcat on 8080. Both services can be restarted individually.