DNS stands for Domain Name System which is a part of  of the global Domain Name System name space for which administrative responsibility has been delegated. It is a hierarchical tree structure cascading lower-level domains that are ordered as a reverse-prioritized concatenation of names, each level separated by a full stop and descending in priority written from right to left, e.g., Domain after Sub domain. Each level or node in DNS hierarchy represents a potential boundary of authority for management of the name space.

To edit a DNS zone on a Dedicated server follow these steps,

  • Log in to your WHM control panel
  • Type DNS in the search box and click on the Edit DNS Zone link
  • Find the DNS zone you want to edit and click Edit

Modify the DNS zone and when you are ready with the changes, click Save.

Dedicated hosting is really good because of its large resources and due to its central control.  Changes made to the DNS will take up to 48 hours for the DNS changes to take effect.

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