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How to access personal domain emails with Gmail?

Use Gmail for managing personal mails on your Domain. We all love our own personalized email address as much as we would like to have our own domains. Although, you can get a personalized email on your domain provided you find the perfect one. This was not easy until now, ever since ICANN has announced […]

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Steps To Mount NTFS Partition In RHEL and CentOS version 5 or 6

The primary step for enabling NTFS Support for the CentOS Linux / RHEL edition 5.x and 6.x is to install the EPEL repository onto the server. Use the below command to install EPEL repository in CentOS or RHEL versions $ cd /tmp $ wget # rpm -ivh epel-release-6-5.noarch.rpm What is NTFS-3G ? NTFS-3G allows […]

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