VPS Hosting

Game Server on a VPS?

Q. Can I Run A Game Server on a VPS Server? Ans. You can host games on VPS however there are limitations on CPU and RAM which is why we recommend using dedicated servers for gaming. With VPS Hosting you are sharing resources with other users on the same node. With a Dedicated Server you …

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OpenVZ Info

Q. What is OpenVZ? Ans. OpenVZ is the open source version of SWsoft’s popular virtualization software, Virtuozzo. OpenVZ offers separate file systems for each VPS along with full root access, and reliable performance to virtual private server (VPS Hosting) users similar to what Virtuozzo offers. OpenVZ is a complete server automation and virtualization solution which …

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Functions of VPS Hosting

Q. What are the important functions of VPS Hosting ? Ans. Virtual Private Server or ( VPS Hosting ) technology was developed by Web Hosting companies to offer their customers features which were usually reserved for a dedicated server but at a more affordable price. An increasing number of web hosting users needed more flexibility, …

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Can I upgrade my kernel?

Q. Can I upgrade my kernel in Virtuozzo? Ans. Virtuozzo does not allow for any kernel modifications or upgradations. You will be running a variant of Linux 2.6 on Linux VPS Hosting which is the latest and more stable Linux kernel. The concept of Virtuozzo Virtual Private Servers is distinct from the concept of traditional …

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