Ubuntu support on vLite VPS Hosting

With our vLite Managed VPS Hosting we support the very latest LTS (Long-Term Release) of Ubuntu – Ubuntu 12.04, as well as prior releases that are actively supported by Canonical with our vLite VPS Hosting. However, the only difference between using CentOS and Ubuntu is that the burstable RAM and CPU options are not compatible with Ubuntu nor is the cPanel and WHM control panels.

What is Burstable RAM and CPU in your vLite VPS Hosting?
If you require burstable RAM and CPU options with your vLite Virtual Private Server, you’ll need to opt for CentOS as Ubuntu-based vLite virtual servers do not support this. Burstable RAM and CPU is a system in which your VPS can extend its resources beyond its original capacity to up to 4096MB RAM and up to 6 CPUs (dependent on the vLite package you choose from) which is useful during traffic spikes and during peak periods.

What versions of Ubuntu do you support?
eUKhost recommends you only use stable and supported releases of Ubuntu. From 12.04 and onwards, Canonical is supporting both desktop and server releases for five years. As of writing, Ubuntu Server 8.04, Ubuntu Server 10.04, and Ubuntu Server 12.04 are actively supported. Support for Ubuntu Server 8.04 ends in April 2013, so we recommend you choose either Ubuntu Server 10.04 or Ubuntu 12.04.

Are your vLite VPS Hosting managed?
Yes. All of our server-based and cloud-based hosting services are fully managed whichever operating environment you wish to use – whether Ubuntu or CentOS. Our qualified system administrators are available 24 hours a day to assist you with any aspect of server management and software installation including server security hardening.

What is vLite?
vLite, being a hardware virtualisation platform, your vLite VPS is an independent virtualised server environment on our server nodes with our eNlight Cloud Hyperviser sitting between the hardware and the vLite Virtual Servers to optimise the software installed on your vLite Virtual Private Server.

What is Ubuntu?
Ubuntu is one of the most popular Linux distributions on the desktop and is increasingly being deployed in large-scale deployments with corporations and government organisations. Ubuntu is commercially sponsored by Canonical by providing commercial support options to companies, organisations and individuals and has recently introduced new consumer-oriented services including Ubuntu One and the Ubuntu One Music Store that is integrated into Rhythmbox.