Q. Would I be able to use an MS Access database instead of mysql or php on windows hosting packages?

Ans :- Microsoft Access (MS Access) database as well as Microsoft SQL (MS SQL) databases are supported on all our windows web hosting uk plans. You can add multiple databases under any of our windows hosting packages as per the limit prescribed for each of those plans. We also have MS SQL database size limitation on Windows Shared hosting and Windows Reseller hosting which is 400 MB for each database.

MS Access Database Fundamentals:-

Are you overpowered by the huge size of data that needs to be tracked in your company? Probably you are using a orthodox paper filing system, text based documents or a excel spreadsheet to track your mission critical data. If you are looking for a highly flexible data management system, a online database might be just what you are looking for.

A database is a well organized collection of information. A DBMS (database management system) such as Microsoft Access, Oracle, FileMaker Pro, MySQL Server or Microsoft SQL Server gives you the software tools that you need to manage data in a flexible manner. It includes various features which help you to add, modify or delete information or data from the database, you can ask questions (or queries) about the information stored in the database and generate reports analyzing selected content.

Microsoft Access provides users with most simplest and highly flexible DBMS solutions in the online database market today. Day to day users of Microsoft products prefer the simple Windows ‘look and feel’ as well as the simple integration with other Microsoft Office addon products. High volume of wizards reduce the complexity of administrative tasks and the all time present Microsoft Office Helper (you know it as the paper clip) is always available for those who like to use it. Before you purchase Microsoft Access, make sure that your computer or windows server meets the minimum system requirements suggested by Microsoft. To get started we will first go through 3 of the main components of Microsoft Access that many Microsoft Access database users will encounter – tables, queries and forms. Once we have completed that we will then look at the additional benefits of reports, web integration and SQL Server integration.

Tables comprise the most fundamental building blocks of any database. If you have previous experience of using spreadsheets, then you will feel very comfortable with Microsoft Access Database Management, setup and configuration.

A typical table in Microsoft Access database contains the employee information for the company — characteristics like name, pay package, date of birth and title. Simply Examine the construction of the database table and you will figure out that each column of the table corresponds to a particular employee characteristic. Each row will correspond to a specific employee and contain her or his information. That is all there in it! If it helps, just think of each of these tables as a typical spreadsheet style listing of information.

It is always recommended for the beginners to start with MS Access and management of Microsoft Access database is quite simple. You can easily convert your MS Access ( MDB ) database into a MSSQL ( sql ) database as and when your requirements grow in future. SQL to MDB export / import can be easily done using the tools embedded within the Microsoft Windows 2003 Server.

MS Access Database support is available on our Windows Shared hosting, Windows Reseller Hosting, Windows VPS Hosting, Windows Semi-Dedicated and Windows Dedicated Servers. Microsoft Access is also supported on our recently launched Windows Business Web hosting plans.

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