VPS Web Hosting with Unlimited Bandwidth

August 16, 2012 / VPS Hosting


Some web hosting providers provide Web Hosting and VPS Hosting with unlimited bandwidth. First and foremost, every web hosting provider has a theoretical limit on how much data it can transfer at any one time within their network, and that includes those web hosting providers that provide unlimited bandwidth. We cannot offer unlimited bandwidth without having a usage policy that makes any kind of package nothing different than a package that has specific limits on disk space and monthly bandwidth transfer. Any web hosting provider you go with that offers unlimited disk space and/or bandwidth will also likely have a usage policy to protect their network from users that may overuse the service, at as to what is considered “overusage” and what is considered “acceptable use” is likely determined by the web hosting provider, as per their Acceptable Usage Policy.

All of our VPS Hosting packages include defined limits so we can provide a good service to all of our customers. By offering unlimited disk space and monthly bandwidth, it can increase the risk of network abuse by certain customers – and which can affect the service of every customer on a specific server node. We compete on service rather than by specifications. We cannot technically offer unlimited disk space and monthly bandwidth because there are technical limits on how much data can be transferred at any one point with equipment, which is why we do not offer it.

About our VPS Hosting packages.

Our VPS Hosting packages are run on our vLite Hardware Virtualisation platform. Our vLite platform comes with our eNlight Cloud Hypervisor which optimises the software on your VPS to prevent slow performance of your VPS. Additionally, your RAM and CPU resources are physically separated from other customers which prevents any kind of security issue if another customer faces any kind of security breach.

Our VPS Hosting packages start at £22 per month, and if you choose a CentOS-based VPS with us, you can optionally purchase our Burstable RAM and CPU add-on which allows your VPS to burst up to 4096MB RAM and 6 CPUs depending on the package you choose – useful during busy traffic periods with your VPS performing as fast as during non-peak periods.


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