SSL Certificates and VPN Hosting on UK Web Hosting with Dedicated IP

In this article, you will find about SSL Certificates and VPN Hosting on UK Web Hosting with Dedicated IP.

eukhost offers a wide range of web hosting services that will provide you with facilities to make use of dedicated IP addresses and the benefits that accompany these.

A shared IP address is the standard option provided with all eukhost shared web hosting plans, but the option to upgrade to a dedicated IP address for an extra small monthly fee is available. Within a shared or reseller web hosting environment you can make use of dedicated IP addresses as you would in a dedicated web hosting environment; this means that a shared web hosting plan is still appropriate for you if you wish to use an SSL certificate.

A eukhost dedicated hosting plan, whether you choose VPS server hosting or a dedicated server, is accompanied by at least two dedicated IP addresses for your use. As many domain names require at least two nameservers, in a dedicated hosting environment you will be able to make use of a single server to provide you with both nameserver services. Alternatively, you can use each IP address to host different websites that require SSL certificates and move your DNS hosting elsewhere.

Within our eNlight cloud hosting services, dedicated IP hosting is a service provided with all virtual machines. When configuring the options for your virtual machines, you can choose to have as many IP addresses as you see as necessary assigned to your servers. With each VM having at least one dedicated IP address, you can treat each VM as an individual server with access being possible through Remote Desktop or SSH.

Dedicated IP Address

A dedicated IP address can be used for several different applications, with the main intent being to provide web developers with a more professional end product that customers will be able to appreciate.

The primary application for dedicated IP addresses is for webmasters that wish to use SSL certificates with their websites; for a eUKhost SSL certificate to function properly, a website requires its dedicated IP address so that the certificate can be applied as necessary. SSL certificates are used by many websites to encrypt the information that is sent between visiting computers and the hosting servers so that if hackers do eavesdrop on the connection, they won’t be able to pick up anything that will be of any use to them.

Secondly, a dedicated IP address is required if you wish to set up reverse DNS for your website; this means that if someone was to do a record lookup for your dedicated IP address, the host record returned should match your domain name/website address. Reverse DNS is a required configuration option for anyone developing a web application that is going to be sending emails as a majority of email servers will reject emails that originate from servers that don’t have DNS DNS configured.

Dedicated IP VPN

Larger businesses may require a VPN so that their external employees can connect to the internal company network and a dedicated server or VPS server with a dedicated IP address can be of assistance where this service is needed.

A Virtual Private Network hosted on a dedicated server will benefit businesses that wish to connect multiple sites so that resources can be shared securely through a central point. A dedicated IP will assist with VPN hosting as it will give all computers that require access to a static address that they can then use to log in to their business’s corporate network.

There are a variety of VPN daemons available that can be used on UK Linux servers and UK Windows servers. eUKhost’s 24×7 support team can assist with the installation and configuration of VPN servers where necessary.