What are some FAQs about Web Server Hosting

Q. Which platform should I choose: Linux or Windows?

Ans. The judgment to choose a hosting platform for your website should depend on the applications that will guarantee the functioning of your website. If you are planning to use ASP, VBScript, Windows Media, Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server and don’t have time or tendency to learn a Linux-oriented application, then consider a server running Windows 2008 Standard, Web, or Datacenter Edition (64 Bit).

Those who wish to use Apache, MySQL, PHP, and Perl programming language should opt for a Linux platform.

Q. How do hosting providers manage to offer cheap hosting plans with unlimited bandwidth?

Ans. Most hosting providers consider that most websites won’t utilize all the available bandwidth, and this calculation is generally justified.

Q. Is it possible to reduce the bandwidth on my site?

Ans. Of course, it is very much possible. Just try to optimize all the graphics on your website. Most graphics file formats don’t look much worse with fewer colors. Avoid duplicating the graphic files, and allow the browser to cache them. Clean the HTML code of your website pages by using relative paths, short file names, remove unnecessary spaces and line breaks in it. You can also reduce your bandwidth using a gzip module.

Q. Do I require a dedicated IP address for my website?

Ans. Not necessary, but having a dedicated hosting IP address offers you numerous benefits. You will be able to install your own SSL certificate. Also, if your neighbor is banned by the search engines or any other essential services, your site would be unavailable or your site may get affected by it if you do not have a dedicated IP address.

Q. Should I worry if my hosting provider is a reseller?

Ans. Probably not. Resellers can offer you better support and plans at cheap rates compared to the actual hosting provider. But, sometimes they can’t satisfy the specific requirements of your websites, because without the help of experts they cannot configure servers of their own.

Q. Should I choose a Big or Small hosting provider?

Ans. It totally depends on your preference. If you own a large organization and require stability, performance, and excellent support, you must opt for well-established hosting companies. However, small companies are suitable for individuals and small companies, that are limited on budget.

Q. Which hosting provider can ensure the continuous availability of my website?

Ans. eUKhost can ensure the continuous availability of your website. We deliver the ultimate solution for all your web server hosting requirements. Our web hosting servers are set up on branded chassis from Dell, are performance oriented, and configured for higher reliability.