What are the differences between eUKhost cloud hosting and a dedicated server?

Cloud Hosting UK

eUKhost’s highly popular eNlight cloud web hosting service offers customers a 100% uptime SLA (Service Level Agreement), basically meaning that virtual machines that are hosted in our eNlight cloud will always be accessible and won’t be the subject of downtime at any point.

A cloud web hosting plan can offer a business the room it needs to expand its online web presence without any restrictions. Quite often virtual machines in the cloud are easy to expand with the opportunity to purchase additional resources when you require them as opposed to upgrading an entire web hosting plan; this arrangement not only guarantees affordability, but also enables you to make sure that you’re only paying for what you require.

eNlight is a platform that is revolutionary in the features that it offers eUKhost’s cloud customers; for the first time our customers will have full control of their hosting experience, with some of the core eNlight features including:

  • Auto-scaling can be enabled individually for virtual machines so that additional resources can be allocated to your virtual machines when the demand placed on them increases, therefore reducing the chances of downtime being caused by a lack of power
  • If you think that auto-scaling is going to benefit but could put you over budget then you can set a cap on the amount that you spend on eNlight resources each month; it should be noted that any additional resources allocated due to auto-scaling will automatically be scaled back once demand has dropped so that you aren’t over billed
  • As you are able to predict your monthly costs with eNlight cloud servers, budgeting for your web hosting services will be made simpler.

If eUKhost’s eNlight cloud hosting solution isn’t exactly what you are after then we also offer a range of Hyper VM-based Windows cloud servers; private cloud solutions are also available for large enterprises requiring a complex hosting configuration.

Cloud Computing for Beginners

eUKhost cloud web hosting services will provide a business of any size with a stepping stone into the world of the internet, with assistance available from our 24×7 support team so that you are able to get your web presence established swiftly. Being able to manage your virtual machines through a web interface is one of the staple features of any cloud web hosting service because this simplifies server management; from a web interface you should be able to control the state of your virtual machines and order additional resources for maximum effect.

Shared cloud hosting such as the eNlight cloud services eUKhost offer the best starting point for any beginner as not only are they affordable, but they are also the most stable platform on which to test and develop applications. The resources of a virtual machine can be dynamically scaled as necessary without incurring downtime so that users of all levels are able to take advantage of what cloud computing can offer.

Cloud Hosting vs. Dedicated Server

Although a dedicated server can provide a high level of uptime as well, unless you choose a mirrored dedicated server then there is no backup for the server if it crashes, therefore meaning that your web applications and other services that are hosted on this server will become inaccessible. Small businesses with complex hosting requirements may find some comfort in dedicated server hosting however as the physical nature of a dedicated server will benefit those requiring custom hardware configurations because these aren’t available in the cloud.

The architecture of the cloud dictates that the cloud must be formed around a cluster of servers that share the load placed on them by the virtual machines hosted in the cloud; this load-balancing feature ensures that no single virtual machine is reliant on one node, therefore boosting performance and increasing the stability of the cloud as a whole. If one of the cloud’s hosting nodes crashes then this architecture also helps to guarantee that there will be no noticeable impact on performance.

eUKhost offers a range of Windows servers and Linux servers alongside our eNlight cloud hosting packages. Full support is provided with any web hosting service that you purchase from us, with our support team being available 24×7 to answer your enquiries and issues as they arise.