What are the General Steps to Update Nameservers

February 24, 2023 / Domain and DNS

This guide will explain to you the general guidelines for updating Nameservers. The DNS server that converts the domain names into IP addresses is known as Nameservers. They keep and form DNS records with one or more IP addresses. Nameservers are used to find things on the Internet. The steps to update Nameservers are the same for all the registrars.

Let us follow the steps to update Nameservers:

  1. Log into your account at the registrar of your domain.
  2. Find the “Domain configuration” option.
  3. Change the domain’s Nameserver 1 record to ns1.eukhost.com. This enables your domain to use the main Nameserver of eukhost.
  4. Change the domain’s Nameserver 2 record to ns2.eukhost.com. This makes it possible for your domain to use the secondary Nameserver of eukhost.
  5. These changes must be saved now.

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