Pay Per Use Cloud Hosting works by simply charging you only for what you use and for nothing you don’t. Unlike VPS Hosting, you aren’t paying for resources you may not be using all of the time, which can equate to a cheaper month-to-month bill.

Our own eUKhost Cloud Hosting platform, eNlight Cloud, works by auto-scaling resources automatically based on traffic and resource requirements for RAM and CPU usage and automatically scales the resources allocated to virtual machines in real time. Customers are only charged for the resources they use.
eNlight Cloud will not upscale resources further than the maximum amount you wish, which customers can set when they create a virtual machine and can change these values at any time. So it’s both cost-effective and convenient.

There are a few cloud hosting providers out there that use the pay per use model where you are only charged based on what you use, however our own cloud hosting platform, eNlight, does this and gives customers even greater control over their finances.