Where are your technical support staff located?

We have three regional offices: one in Nashik, India and two in the UK, with our main office located in Morley, Leeds. Our Indian office is not outsourced – we own the Indian office and have executives in India to run its day to day operations. We do not only have level 1 support in India: most of our highly-qualified senior system administrators are employed in our Nashik office.

Our main offices in Leeds and Durham consists primarily of senior technical support staff, sales staff, customer service representatives, and our UK executive team led by Founder and Managing Director Robert King.

We require an Indian office for a portion of our operations in order to provide the best value to our customers while not compromising on the quality of the technical support we provide – which is very important to both us and our customers. We have direct control over who is employed in India and all of our technical support staff in our Nashik office are highly qualified and experienced. We are vigorous to provide the very best service to our customers.