Where should an SSL be used?


Ideally, where-ever an information is submitted or received to/from the server, an SSL Certificate must be used. It isn’t necessary to use an SSL inorder to secure only the transaction made via credit card. Rather other information such as personal details too are crucial and must be handled efficiently as well.

Incase you accept sign-ups or account logins via. newsletter, you must ensure that the process goes about via. an encrypted channel, ie. using an SSL Certificate.

The following is a list of areas where an SSL Certificate can be used :

  • For securing online transactions
  • For securing online logins wherein sensitive data is transmitted using web forms and other crucial pages of a website
  • For the purpose of securing webmail and other applications such as Microsoft Outlook, Exchange and Office Communications Server.
  • For securing workflow and virtualization applications such as cloud hosting platforms.
  • For securing the connection between an email client and server.
  • For the purpose of securing file transfer such as FTP and https.
  • Web Hosting Control panel logins and the activity carried using it can be secured using an SSL Certificate as well.
  • Network logins and various network traffic via VPNs can be secured using a Secure Socket layer

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