Do you support  WordPress blog hosting?

Ans: Yes, wordpress is supported on all our servers. You can opt for our Linux WordPress web hosting or Windows Web hosting package as per your space and bandwidth requirements. You can install WordPress on your domains hosted with us as WordPress works fine on all our servers. If you have a cPanel hosting account with us then you should have no problems in installing WordPress from the Fantastico section of your cPanel control panel. You can take a look at Fantastico Scripts to learn more about the scripts included in Fantastico.

Additionally, we have PHP 5.1.2 on some of the servers and PHP 5.2.6 on the other servers, so you should not face any problems when configuring WordPress blog.

Wordpress will give you some code to add in .htaccess of your account which will enable mod_rewrite for your account and your WordPress blog will run smoothly without any problems.

Wordpress is the most widely used blog software around which available for free and can be installed very easily. WordPress provides rich set of features which can be easily added on the blog. WordPress Hosting with eUKhost provide you with technical assistance 24×7 from experts, web hosting on blog optimized servers and lots of other web hosting features at an affordable price.

Powerful administration panel of WordPress allows you to easily write posts, push button and publish the article immediately. Various categories can be added and also images can be uploaded along thumbnail support i.e file can be attached in article. WordPress has inbuilt serach functionality and ability to set different permissions for blog users.

Wordpress is easily customizable . Appearance of Blog content can easily be changed by edting the wordpress template which can be installed on the blog. There are variety of free worpress templates which can downloaded and installed easily on the blog.You just need to use template editor toll and the template tags.

You can make your WordPress blog a powerful website by adding plugins to it. There are large number of plugins developed by communities to add more feture to WordPress.

You may check our free WordPress themes at