Mimecast cloud suite protects your organisation from threats both external and internal - Advanced security constantly scans your email for threats and blocks attacks while continuity services ensure your staff have access to email even if your local or remote mail server fails. Meanwhile, email and instant message archiving means if you ever need to recover data or analyse communications for audit or discovery purposes your data is available for immediate access.

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BILLION Customers Emails Managed
+ Business Connected
+ Countries Served
MILLION Emails Processed a day

Mimecast Archiving

  • 7 Second SLA on email search and retreval with centrally managed mailboxes in the cloud.
  • E-Discovery respond to litigation by finding evidence quickly & easily.
  • Email Storage - Store files from drives along with email to easily be searched.
  • Save Lync Instant Message conversions archiving IM conversations with email.

Mimecast Security

Did you know 91% of cyber-attacks start through email?

  • 100% SLA on all known and unknown viruses.
  • Targeted Threat Protection - Using attachment sandbox & URL re-writing.
  • Stop Spam - Remove all threats in the cloud with 99% anti-spam reduction.
  • Confidential Data Protection - Ensure only intended recipients see confidential data.
  • Data Leak Prevention - Powerful scanning features meaning data is stopped at the gateway or sent securely.
  • Easily Send & Recieve Larger Files - Files up to 2GB can be shared safely via Microsoft outlook.

Mimecast Continuity

  • Immediate Switchover to the cloud during downtime, meaning your email flow is never interrupted in any disaster or outage.
  • Administrator Console Managed downtime with a single console activating continuity with auto mailbox syncing and instant failback.
  • Access through outlook for Windows, Mac application, mobile apps or the advanced web portal.
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Mimecast® central Cloud.

The Mimecast cloud means that services are always-on and always up-to-date, this greatly reduces your management requirement and risk that is typically involved with traditional solutions. Add to this the granular control and flexibility and you have a solution that we feel cannot be beat so why not contact us today to find out what Mimecast can do for your organisation.

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