What Is A Personal Sign?

A PersonalSign Digital Certificate is a Digital ID issued to an individual or an organisation that helps to validate their digital identity. The Digital ID works by binding an individual's verified identity (typically, their name, company name, and the email address of the Digital ID owner) to a unique, cryptographic credential.

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PersonalSign Certificates allow individuals and organisations to represent their digital identities through the use of digital signatures. They can be used with many applications such as secure email, two factor authentication and document signing.

PersonalSign Certificates come in different classes, each containing different levels of identity verification. This means you can choose a class suitable for your specific security needs, whether that’s simple email verification or full identity assurance.

Email Encryption

GlobalSign PersonalSign Certificates use S/MIME technology which enables users to digitally sign and encrypt email. Encrypting email ensures message privacy and keeps sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands.

PersonalSign Certificates ensure email security by binding your verified, physical identity to the certificate so recipients of email messages can verify that the email actually came from you.

Email Signature

S/MIME encryption provides users with four essential security features: message integrity, authentication, privacy (via data encryption), and non-repudiation (via digital signatures). Most mail clients support S/MIME, including Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Lotus Notes, and Mulberry Mail.

Digitally signing an email proves authorship and prevents tampering. It assures the email recipient that the email came from you, not an imposter, and that the content of the email has not been altered during transit.

Mitigate Phishing and Spoof Emails

Digitally signed emails counter the threat of Phishing and Spoof emails by clearly presenting the email sender’s verified identity information. Email recipients can be sure that the email came from a legitimate, verified source.

Tamper Proof Seal proves Authorship

Digitally signed and encrypting emails create a tamper-proof seal on message content, ensuring message integrity. Compatible with leading enterprise email clients such as Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Lotus Notes etc.

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