eNlight-based Private Cloud provides the agility and efficiency of a Public Cloud, supported by Infrastructure dedicated solely to your organisation. Host it in your own data centre, or in eUKhost's world class Tier IV data centre. Private cloud is ideal when you require large computing resources or have strict compliance and security needs.

We at eUKhost offer our indigenous cloud solution, coupled with best-in-class hardware and centralized control over your resources resulting in resource optimisation, unmatched performance and highest level of security. We're here to help you succeed with your Private Cloud Deployment. Our support team will happily discuss your requirements and address all your queries.

Hardware Customisation

eNlight Cloud supports a wide range of hardware, software and virtualisation to fulfill all your requirements. You don't have to use a specific hardware software combination; instead, you are free to pick and choose the combination that suits you best. Our support team will help you make the right choice!

Security Standard Customization

Now you get to customise the security standards as per your requirements and your environment. The best part is that these security measures work seamlessly with all configurations. So you get to pick from eNlight Cloud's robust security systems to protect yourself.

Virtual Machine Template Customization

Benefit from the option of customising templates for your VM. Easy and quick deployment as the customised VM may be used as a model to replicate and create a new VM, ready with your preferred settings.

Cost Saving

Focus your energy on growing your business without having to worry about your cloud. eNlight Private Cloud is highly scalable, and the most cost effective approach to build a robust, reliable IT infrastructure. When you increase the server capacity, the expenses associated with redundancy costs are significantly reduced, and the cost effectiveness of the components increase, thus making it one of the most economical options available today.

To find out more about our custom private cloud solutions, contact us today.

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Automatic Resource Scaling
No Maintenance Downtime
Dedicated Resources
High Availability
Full Administrative Access
Snapshots for Backup
Hardware Firewall
Private Network
VPN Access
Isolated Environment
Control Over Infrastructure
Customised Security
Redundant Hardware
Customised Hardware
Customised OS Templates
Private Cloud
Public Cloud
Dedicated Server
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