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Hardware Virtualisation

With a Windows virtual private server, you can enjoy similar levels of performance to a dedicated server at a much lower price point, with true hardware virtualisation. The operating system on your virtual machine does not know it is running in a virtualised environment – this is because your VPS works and acts like a physical server, and is fully isolated from other virtual servers on the hardware node. The end result is a very secure and stable environment for business websites.


As your server resources are isolated from other virtual machines on the same node, if a virtual machine is abusing its share of resources, it will not affect other virtual servers on the same node. With a Windows VPS, you can enjoy quick server provisioning, upgrades and migrations, which our technicians can assist you with.


Even though Windows VPS Hosting is a virtualisation hosting platform, you do not compromise on performance. All the resources on your virtual server are physically allocated to your VM, and can be easily upgraded as and when required. Unlike a traditional server set up, upgrading the resources on your VPS is easy and pain free; taking just a few minutes.

SmarterBundle Pro

SmarterBundle Pro

All Windows VPS packages come with SmarterBundle Pro, a leading suite of business tools for e-mail and communication, helpdesk management and website analytics. These tools, offered free with every Windows VPS at a £450 value, are perfect for small to medium businesses for complete e-mail, instant messaging, file sharing, analytics and customer helpdesk management. Watch the video

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