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Softaculous is a popular autoinstaller utility for cPanel that provides an easy to use utility for installing blogs, forums, eCommerce stores and more on your website with just a few clicks. What's more, Softaculous notifies you when new updates are available for any web applications you have installed through Softaculous.

Remote Backup

R1soft is the leading product for automated backup solutions. Take the hassle out of backing up your website as R1soft CDP Remote Backup automatically backs up everything to an external server and provides an easy way to restore backups at any time. All of our R1soft plans come with unlimited bandwidth and start at just £5 a month.

Domain ID Protection

Many domain names require you to have publicly accessible personal contact information which is accessible by anyone. Concerned about your privacy? Learn how you can protect your information with Domain ID Protection. This masks your personal information while fully complying with ICANN rules.

SSL Certificates

An SSL certificate is absolutely essential if you run an eCommerce store or business website where personal or financial information can be submitted (e.g. through a client area or ordering system). An SSL certificate is the authentication layer that a Web browser relies on to determine whether a secure connection to a website can be trusted or not.


SpamExperts is not your ordinary anti-spam filter. It works on the network level to accept mail on your behalf, filter through all the spam and malicious e-mails and deliver the genuine mail back to the server where your account is hosted, or a separate mail server if you use one. SpamExperts handles millions of e-mails each day and constantly learns about new and emerging threats. Learn more.


CloudFlare is an innovative content delivery service that works on the network level and helps to speed up your website by delivering cached and static content through its distributed delivery network spanning 23 data centres worldwide. CloudFlare can also help to protect your website against malicious traffic and DDoS attacks. Best of all, some of the best features CloudFlare offers are completely free to use. Learn more.

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