Getting Started Wizard
Helps you get started setting up your e-mail and contact information.
Video Tutorials
Free & helpful videos on how to use the many features in cPanel.
Change Password
This is where you can change your cPanel account password.
Update Contact Info
Update your e-mail address for receiving cPanel notifications.
Branding Editor
For reseller hosting users: allows you to change header branding.
Change Style
Change the appearance of the control panel.
Change Language
Choose from 14 different languages.
Add shortcuts to your desktop for easy access to cPanel.
Email Accounts
Manage all your website e-mail accounts.
Read and send e-mail on the go using webmail.
Reduces spam by requiring senders to verify they're human.
Spam Assassin™
Advanced e-mail filtering system helping to reduce inbox spam.
Allows you to have e-mail received forwarded to another address.
Auto Responders
On vacation? Have an e-mail sent upon arrival to let them know.
Default Addresses
Have all e-mail sent to an invalid address forwarded to another.
Mailing Lists
Create and manage your own mail lists with this powerful mail list manager.
Account Level Filter
Set complex rules and actions for e-mail received in any e-mail account.
User Level Filter
Set complex rules and actions for a specific e-mail account.
Email Trace
Allows you to review e-mail delivery attempts made.
Import Addresses
Import multiple e-mail accounts into cPanel using a CSV or XLS file.
Email Auth.
Set up e-mail authentication (e.g. SPF records) (Advanced users).
MX Entry
MX records indicate which server(s) emails should be sent to for a domain.
Create, manage and restore backups of your sites files, databases, etc.
Backup Wizard
Create, manage and restore backups easily with this wizard.
File Manager
Manage, delete and edit your site files
Legacy File Manager
Manage your site's files using cPanel's legacy interface.
Disk Space Usage
In-depth data showing which folders are using the most storage.
Web Disk
Manage your site files as if they were on your hosted locally on your computer.
FTP Accounts
Create and manage all your FTP accounts used for site management.
FTP Session Control
See a list of all active FTP sessions and manage them.
R1soft Restore
Restore an R1soft backup to your website.
Latest Visitors
Displays the last 1,000 recent visitors to your website.
See site bandwidth usage in detail.
An easy to use stats program with traffic data represented as charts and graphs.
Webalizer FTP
An easy to use stats program with FTP traffic represented as charts and graphs.
Raw Logs
Simple access logs which you can download.
Analog Stats
Lightweight statistics program providing simple stats of all traffic to your site.
Error Log
Lists the last 300 errors on your site – useful to find broken links/missing files.
Choose Log Programs
Choose the default stats program you want to use to see traffic data.
Easy-to-use program providing in-depth stats in a variety of graphs & charts.
Resource Usage
An overview of the resources your account is using on the server.
Password Protected Directories
Create and manage password-protected directories
IP Deny Manager
Ban an individual IP address or a range from accessing your website.
SSL/TLS Manager
Generate SSL certificates, certification signing requests and private keys.
SSH/Shell Access
Manage SSH keys for SSH Shell Access.
Protect against bandwidth theft by preventing use of your images on other sites.
Leech Protect
Prevent your users from giving out or publicly posting their passwords.
GnuPG Keys
GnuPG is an encryption scheme to encrypt messages using a public-private key.
Create and manage your websites' sub domains.
Addon Domains
Allows you to host multiple websites under one account.
Parked Domains
Allows you to have multiple domains point to the same website.
Redirect a specific file or folder to another location.
Simple DNS Editor
Simple tool for editing the DNS records of your domains.
Advanced DNS Editor
Full-featured tool for editing the DNS records of your domains.
MySQL® Databases
Create and manage your site's databases – used with forums, blogs, etc.
MySQL® Wizard
Creae new MySQL databases easily with this wizard.
Remote MySQL
Manage external servers which are allowed to access your local databases.
Activate and use CloudFlare on your website.
CGI Center
Use a variety of free CGI scripts on your website.
Site Software
Allows you to install a variety of web apps on your site.
Perl Modules
Find and install Perl modules on your account.
PEAR Packages
Find and manage PHP PEAR packages on your account.
PHP Config
See the current PHP configuration of the server.
Optimize Website
Optimise the performance of your website using content compression.
Install hundreds of web apps in just a click using Softaculous.

Are there any minimum term contracts I need to agree with?

There are no minimum term commitments you need to agree with. You can cancel, upgrade or downgrade your reseller hosting plan at any time. Simply contact our billing department.


Is reseller hosting a good choice for hosting business websites?

It depends on what those business websites are. For busy eCommerce stores and business websites, you should consider a more robust hosting solution like VPS or Cloud hosting.


If I need to migrate to a VPS or Cloud in the future, will you help?

Should you need to upgrade to a more robust solution in the future, our technicians can help you with the entire migration at no extra charge. Simply submit a ticket for assistance.


What versions of PHP, MySQL and Perl are installed on your servers?

Our servers run PHP 5.2.x, Perl 5.10.x & MySQL 5.0.x or above. We do not upgrade to newer versions immediately. If you need a specific version (e.g. PHP 5.4.x) please let us know after ordering.


Is Softaculous included on your reseller hosting servers?

Yes. Softaculous can also be used by any shared hosting account under your reseller.


My question isn't answered here. How can I contact you?

If you'd like to speak with one of our sales specialists on the phone, please call us on 0800 862 0380, or e-mail

Linux Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting allows you to host multiple websites under independent shared hosting accounts – making this the perfect choice for web developers, small web hosting providers and professionals which own or run multiple websites. With a reseller account, we fully manage the server environment so you are free to fully focus on your business and online projects.

We are so confident about the quality and reliability of our service that we provide a 99.95% uptime SLA, along with our 30 day money back guarantee as standard.


Best for hosting all your personal sites

20 GB UK Disk Space

50 GB Monthly Bandwidth

Host Unlimited Domains

cPanel and WHM

£14.99 a monthBuy »

Perfect for professional web developers

40 GB UK Disk Space

100 GB Monthly Bandwidth

Host Unlimited Domains

cPanel and WHM

£24.99 a monthBuy »

Great choice for web hosting providers

60 GB UK Disk Space

200 GB Monthly Bandwidth

Host Unlimited Domains

cPanel and WHM

£34.99 a monthBuy »

Linux Reseller Features

cPanel Control Panel
Web Host Manager (WHM)
File Manager
FTP Manager
Custom Error Pages
Email Accounts Manager
SMTP & POP3 Accounts
IMAP Support
Web Mail
Auto Responders
Mail Forwarding
MySQL 5.x.x
Unlimited Databases
Real Audio/Video
Windows Media
PHP 5.3.x
Perl 5.10.x
Ruby on Rails
Zend Optimizer
GD Library
Password Protect Folders
24 x 7 Server Monitoring
Hotlink Protection
Leech Protection
Shared SSL
Private SSL (Optional)

Please note in order to protect the quality of service for all customers, we do not permit reseller hosting accounts to oversell. Resellers can only allocate as much resources to shared hosting accounts that are physically available to them. If you need to oversell resources, please consider our VPS Hosting or Cloud Hosting plans.

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