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SSL certificates provide essential security. Without one, your site will be marked as insecure by the major browsers and penalised by search engines.

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Up to $1,500,000 Warranty

Undersigned by GlobalSign, the warranty protects you against financial loss should the SSL encryption ever be broken.

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Recent changes to Google's ranking algorithm provides a higher weighting for sites with SSL.

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Should you ever lose your private key, we will re-issue your certificate for free, upon request.

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Build trust by upgrading to an EV certificate and your visitors will see the green trust bar when they visit your site.

Why SSL?

SSL certificates are essential for all websites. They encrypt all data going between your website and your visitors’ browsers, ensuing sensitive information, such as personal data and payment details, are kept secure. In addition, sites without SSL may be classed as ‘not secure’ by browsers such as Chrome and may incur a search engine ranking penalty.

What Will my EV certificate look like in my browser? Show you mean business with an Extended Validation SSL

  • Additional vetting ensures your identity and protects against scammers.
  • Your visitors’ browsers will display the green bar.
  • Helps support your GDPR and data protection goals.
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An SSL certificate ensures a secure connection to a website is authentic by acting as a trusted intermediary, ensuring the cryptographic key provided to encrypt communications is really coming from the destination server that hosts the website a visitor is browsing. For this reason, Web browsers will display a warning to your visitor if it is not presented with a valid SSL cert.

Every certificate we offer comes with Underwritten Warranty. This is a guarantee provided by the Certification Authority that if your SSL certificate is improperly issued, the Certification Authority will issue compensation to you limited up to the amount they guarantee. (Note: This is not business insurance and is limited to errors with SSL cert. issuance only)

Wildcard SSLs allow you to use the same certificate on multiple sub domains. For example, if you want to secure, and, it will be easier and in many cases more cost effective to purchase a Wildcard SSL where you can simply use the same certificate to secure your entire website.

All of our single-domain SSL certificates secure both and, so no need to worry about being specific. However, if you want to secure multiple sub domains (like, and, you'll need to purchase a Wildcard SSL certificate. See the previous FAQ for more information.

With a Secure Site Seal badge on your website, you can let your visitors and potential customers know your online business is a safe and secure destination for making purchases and submitting sensitive information, with your visitor traffic being secured over HTTPS with a valid SSL certificate from a leading and trustworthy Certification Authority.

Some obsolete software do not support a TLS extension called Server Name Indication (SNI), which helps your browser or device identify which domain the secure connection is to be established with. This becomes necessary when an IP is shared across multiple domains. Unless you need to support obsolete software that do not support SNI, a dedicated IP is not needed.

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