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Email SSL CertificatesProtecting your Identity & reputation

Digitally sign and encrypt your emails with an S/MIME certificate to protect you and your clients from identity fraud.

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Thwart Phishing Scams

Protects your business and clients from scams.

Confirms Your Identity

Lets recipients know your emails are genuine.

Encrypts Emails

Help secure your emails and keeps them free from prying eyes.

Why Use an Email Signing Certificate


Sender Verification

Sending confidential information? Allow your recipient to verify your email is genuinely from you and not a scammer.

Encrypt Your Emails

Send encrypted emails (including attachments) and keep your emails private, even at rest.

Prevent Tampering

Signing and encrypting email prevents tampering of the email content while in transit.

Stop Phishing Scams

Help recipients identify sender masquerading as your organisation and stop your vendors & clients from being scammed.

Achieve Compliance

Helps you meet your GDPR, ISO27001 and other regulatory requirements by mitigating risks from data leaks.

Protect Your Image

In the era of major cyber attacks, show your business is serious about email security and inspire confidence.

What is an eMail signing (S/MIME) certificateLearn how an S/MIME certificate can protect your organisation

Email signing certificates (also known as an S/MIME certificate) allows you to cryptographically sign and encrypt emails, the certificate is linked to your identity and email addresses. This allows the email recipient to check the email was genuinely sent by you.

  • Identify scammers using your company's identity to send emails
  • Protect your clients from phishing scams
  • Encrypt your emails
  • Meet regulatory requirements that may mandate encryption
  • Meet your GDPR goals
  • Project a professional image

Which email clients support S/MIME

  • Microsoft Outlook 2013 to 2017
  • Outlook 365
  • G Suite Enterprise
  • Hotmail
  • Apple mail
  • Thunderbird

Protection against Phishing Scams

Phishing scams come in many forms but all involve the scammer masquerading as a legitimate company or individual in order to fraudulently obtain sensitive information or money. A common form of attack is Business Email Compromise (BEC) where scammers impersonate executives and send emails to employees, directing them to transfer money into the scammers’ accounts.

Email signing certificates protect against these scams by allowing the recipient of a signed email to easily confirm if it was sent by the company or owner.

eUKhost - Protection against Phishing Scams
eUKhost - Signs Emails Automatically

Signs Emails Automatically

Email SSL Certificates are a simple and effective solution. There is no manual process involved in signing emails. Once your certificate is issued and installed in your email client, every email you send will be signed automatically.

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Email SSL Certificates FAQs
Frequently asked questions with answers.

What is an S/MIME certificate?

S/MIME is a method of digitally signing and encrypting emails, this helps identify where any email has come from and also helps protect email messages at rest where you might not control the level of encryption enabled on the recipient mail server.

Before you can use S/MIME you need a certificate issued by a certification authority, before issuance of your certificate the authority will perform a validation check to ensure you own the email address, depending on the level of validation this may also include checking your identify and organisation.

When sending email through an email client that supports S/MIME you can choose from either signing the email only or both signing and encrypting the email depending on the sensitivity of the content

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