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Secure Offsite Backups

The ultimate disaster recovery insurance. With automated scheduling and impenetrable encryption, our remote backups provide rock-solid data protection that helps make data loss a thing of the past.

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Easy Backups

Our simple to use GUI makes creating and automating backups easy.

Offsite Protection

Maintains your business continuity should the very worst ever happen.

Securely Encrypted

The latest encryption technology protects data both during transfer and at rest.

Feature Highlights

Offsite Protection

Data is backed up to a geographically separate data centre which ensures your data is safe even if the very worst happens.

Continuous Data Protection

Low-resource, block-level backups enable remote backups to take place as frequently as every 15 minutes.

Quick Restore

Quickly and easily recover everything from a whole server to a directory, to a single file. Your data is always available.

AES-256 Encryption

In-transit encryption is enabled as standard, while optional, at-rest encryption keeps your data secure, even if compromised.

Data Verification

All backups go through a comprehensive data verification process to ensure there is no corruption, giving you the confidence that they can be relied upon when needed.

Control Panel

Our powerful but easy to use control panel makes setting up schedules and restoring backups a breeze.

24x7 support

We pride ourselves on the quality of our support. We offer live chat, phone and ticket support and will never leave you high and dry.

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Phone, Live chat or Ticket

We make it easy to get in touch when you need us.

Fast response time

We aim to respond to ticket with 15 minutes and always aim for a first-time fix.


Our staff hold a range of certification, including Microsoft MCSE, Cisco CCNA, Red Hat, cPanel expert, Plesk expert and more.

Proactive monitoring

With a choice of monitoring levels, we will often fix a problem before you are even aware it has happened.

Free Migration

If you are moving host, our team will migrate your website for free. It is all part of the service.

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Yes, we can set up remote backups on your behalf and create a backup policy suited to your organisation’s needs. To do this, we will need to know how long you wish to retain your data and how frequently you wish your data to be backed up. Once we have this information, we can put a schedule into place and deploy your backup policy for you.
To ensure your policy works effectively, you need to purchase enough backup space to store the number of backups you wish to retain. The amount of storage you need will depend on the size of the backups, how frequently you make them and how long you keep them for. Our team can assist if you need help estimating the amount of storage required.

If you need additional storage, you can upgrade your backup space at any time. The remote backup service will automatically warn you via email if you are close to using all your available space.

Our backup software will automatically check the integrity of all your backups to make sure they are not corrupted. The system will warn you via email if there is a problem, assuring you that your backups will work should you ever need them.

Yes. Security is important to us and all backups are automatically encrypted in transit so they cannot be intercepted and data stolen on the move. You also have the option to encrypt your data while it is at rest (in storage) by generating an encryption key through the provided backup portal. Please note, however, that you will require this key if you ever need to restore your backups, so it is essential that you keep it safe, as without it, you won’t be able to access your data.

Yes, for added security, your backups will be copied to a server in one of our geographically separate data centres located within the UK.

Both a backup and a remote backup involve making a copy of your data so that you can restore it quickly in the case of a disaster, such as accidental deletion, cybercrime or hardware failure. With a remote backup service, however, the backup is stored at a data centre in a different geographical location to the one in which your server is housed. The reason for this is that if the data centre hosting your server goes offline, for instance through a natural disaster like a flood, you will still be able to access your backup. This can be critical for business continuity in the event of a major issue.     

Our remote backup plans come with many features. These include the ability to schedule automated backups at the frequency you wish and retain them for as long as needed, giving you continuous data protection; free migration and expert technical support from qualified technicians whenever you need it; encryption to keep data secure and verification to ensure backups are not corrupted; the ability to restore data at speed and a user-friendly control panel for ease of use. Of course, all backups are stored remotely as well.

The chief benefit of remote data backups is the assurance that if you suffer a data loss on your server, you have another copy of that data available. A remote backup solution ensures a backup is available even if the entire data centre hosting your server goes offline as your backups are stored elsewhere.
With eukhost remote data backups, you also have other benefits. As you can set the frequency of backups, it means they will always be up to date, and our verification process ensures that they are not corrupted so they will work as expected should you need to restore data. As a result, businesses benefit from knowing that recovery from a disaster can be full and swift, and that disruption and losses due to downtime can be minimised. The other chief benefit is that, should you need assistance with any of these matters, our expert technical support team is available 24/7.

Offsite backup plans are the same as remote backup plans, the terms are interchangeable. Both ‘offsite’ and ‘remote’ mean that when a backup is made, it is stored at a different data centre from the one in which your server is hosted. This means your backed up data is still secure and available even if the data centre housing your server goes offline.

Yes. At eukhost, all our data centres are located within the UK. This means that your company will remain compliant with data protection regulations, like GDPR, when remote backups are made, as data is not moved across international borders.
Legislation in some foreign countries grants law enforcement agencies the authority to access data stored on servers for national security purposes and this can contravene UK and EU data protection regulations.     

The great news is that once you have set up your remote backup schedule, remote backups work automatically. Using our user-friendly interface, you can easily set up what data you want to be backed up, how often you want backups to be taken and how long you want to keep them for. Once these settings are in place, everything happens by itself.
Your backup will take place when you schedule it, with the data being encrypted as it is moved to a remote server, and then it is checked for integrity to ensure it is not corrupted. The backup will then be kept securely until the time you specify for it to be deleted, making room for a newer backup to take its place.
Should you need to restore data, this can be done quickly and easily too. Automated emails ensure you are swiftly notified of any issues, such as lack of storage space or corrupted data, and if you need assistance, technical support is available all day, every day.    
If you need to make changes to your backup settings, you can do so at any time.

Continuous data protection is a way of ensuring that if you need to restore your data, then the backup you use for restoration is up to date so no data is lost. Continuous data protection is achieved by ensuring you take backups as frequently as your business needs and this depends on how quickly your data changes.
If you have a website that you seldom make changes to, you may only need to make a backup when you make a change, such as adding new content or updating a plugin. Other companies, however, have data changing all the time and may need to schedule backups to take place regularly throughout the day. Busy eCommerce websites, for example, may have a constant stream of new orders and users registering or updating accounts and cannot afford to lose this information.

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