Cost Predictor Tool

Our Cost Predictor Tool is an application that you run on your server which collects information about the resources your server uses, and saves this to an XML file.

You can then upload the XML file which will be analysed by our system to give you an approximate look at what your costs will be under eNlight Cloud. (No personal information is collected from the application.)

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eNlight Cloud Hosting

When uptime and reliability matters, you need a solution which is designed with this in mind. eNlight Cloud is designed to avoid downtime that can take a traditional hosting set up offline – these things can include disk drive failure, server component failure or switch failure. eNlight Cloud consists of a cluster of servers connected to a remote storage device with data striped down multiple devices, redundant switches and uplinks with enough network capacity to handle losing 40% of all the hardware nodes. eNlight Cloud is a fully managed service with 24 x 7 technical support as standard.

As with all of our products, eNlight Cloud is a fully managed service with 24 x 7 technical support via e-mail, phone and live chat.

eNlight Cloud for Linux

  • Full Root Access
  • Scale up to 64 GB RAM & 24 CPUs
  • 1 Free IP Address
  • cPanel and WHM (Optional)
  • Web-Based VM Management
  • Instant VM Provisioning

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eNlight Cloud for Cluster

  • Create Cloud Servers in a Cluster
  • Mix & Match Linux/Windows Servers
  • Network Security on VLANs
  • Host Databases Separately
  • Full Control via Web Console
  • Instant VM Provisioning

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eNlight Cloud Cost Calculator

CPU:£1512.50/CPU pm

RAM:£3025/GB pm

HDD:£0.7563/GB pm

Time:(Billing period)

Bandwidth:£1512.50/TB pm(1 TB free)

Usage:(How will your VM be used?)


£0.00 inc VAT £0.00 ex VAT

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Results are estimates only. Have an existing server? For more accurate results, please use our free cost predictor tool.

eNlight FAQs

eNlight FAQs

eNlight User Manual

eNlight User Manual

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