Hyper-V Cloud

Hyper-V is one of the industry's leading server virtualisation platforms. As a proprietary component of the Windows server platform, it provides a rich feature set that has been created to guarantee stability, availability, high performance, along with manageability. Gartner has recently noted the popularity of Hyper-V, placing Microsoft in the 'Leaders' quadrant in their latest Magic Quadrant Report on server virtualisation.

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Choose Any OS

Support for a multitude of operating systems

With Hyper-V being a Microsoft product running on the Windows operating system, you'd be easily forgiven for thinking that you'd only be able to run Windows virtual machines. However, this isn't the case; Hyper-V can be used for the hosting of a majority of operating systems, both 32 bit and 64 bit.

Reduced Virtualisation Costs

Reduced virtualisation costs

As an integrated component of the Windows Server platform, Hyper-V is able to offer reduced costs when compared against its closest rivals. With other virtualisation platforms you will have to pay a license fee on top of any other licenses that may be necessary, but with Hyper-V you only have to pay the usual Windows licensing fee – that's right, Hyper-V doesn't cost you extra to use if you're already using Windows Server.

Cloud Stability

Improved stability

Hyper-V is what is known as a microkernelised hypervisor. This type of compartmentalised architecture stores the drivers for individual virtual machines of their related disks. This design has helped to achieve new levels of stability because with virtual machines' drivers being hosted at a virtual level rather than at a hypervisor level, in the event that a virtual machine develops a fault and becomes unstable, it will only affect the individual VM as opposed to the entire node.

Hyperconverged Architecture

Hyperconverged Architecture

Our new Hyper-V cloud has been designed with a hyperconverged architecture and utilises the best of breed technology. Host level clustering provides redundancy, whilst EMC ScaleIO delivers self-healing and superfast SSD-accelerated storage for your virtual machine.

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