Hyper-V Cloud

If you're seeking a virtualisation platform fit for mission critical applications, then look no further than VMware. As a well-established industry leader, VMware has been designed for agility from the start – it is famed for its uptime, performance, and widespread deployment. VMware allows you to host virtual machines using any operating system and is the most effective way for large enterprises to consolidate their physical infrastructures into simple, more affordable solutions.

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Load Balancing

Dynamic load balancing

VMware automatically evenly distributes the load placed on the platform across the cluster of hypervisors equally. This helps to maximise the performance of individual virtual machines without exhausting the hypervisors because resources can be drawn in from across the cloud, resulting in a highly efficient and stable setup.

Live Migrations

Live migration

If an issue ever occurs with a hypervisor, VMware automatically migrates virtual machines across the cloud without having to shut them down. This feature can also be invoked when hardware maintenance is performed, allowing hypervisors to be taken offline for repair without interrupting your service.

Fast Provisioning

Fast provisioning

Setting up a physical server isn't a simple or fast process and can take anything from a few hours to a few days, or even longer if you have to wait for the hardware to be delivered. Virtual machines on the other hand can be provisioned almost immediately in the cloud. Using our library of pre-defined operating system templates, you can have a new Linux or Windows virtual machine running in just a few minutes.

Huge Cost Savings

Huge cost savings

With a cluster of servers performing the work of what could otherwise be tens or even hundreds of servers, VMware can help you to save money by realising savings up to 95% through reduced energy consumption. If you currently have a setup that consists of multiple servers, then the consolidation of these into the cloud could also help you to realise savings up to 75% against using physical servers.

Our Cloud Environment

Our cloud environment

We host our VMware hypervisors in a clustered configuration, which aids redundancy and reduces downtime by spreading the load. EMC ScaleIO is deployed to provide superfast storage that relies on SSDs.

VMware Cloud Technical Whitepaper


PDF (436 KB)


Technical documentation regarding VMware Cloud, virtualisation technology and the benefits and drawbacks of the platform.



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