How is eNlight different to other platforms?

Unlike other cloud platforms, eNlight autoscales resources on-the-fly as needed without requiring any manual intervention on your part. What's more, you are only ever charged for the resources your VM uses.


How does eNlight differ to a VPS?

eNlight Cloud is a virtualised environment just like a VPS. Unlike a VPS, eNlight Cloud offers hardware redundancy & resource scalability making eNlight Cloud a good choice for uptime-critical business websites.


What operating systems are supported?

eNlight Cloud supports CentOS and CentOS with cPanel – templates of which are available when you create new eNlight VMs. Windows Server is not currently supported.


Are there any minimum term contracts?

No, you can cancel at any time. There are also no minimum spending requirements. You simply need to top up when your credit runs low.


Do you offer a money back guarantee?

You can request for a refund for any unused portion of credit remaining under your account at any time. Some exclusions do apply – please read our terms of service for details.


Can I resell eNlight Cloud to my customers?

Yes, you can. However, we do not currently offer a white label solution for your customers to access the eNlight control panel for stats & web-based server management.


How many Dedicated IPs do you provide with each VM?

We provide one free dedicated IP with each eNlight Cloud VM. If you require more IPs on any particular VM, you will need to contact our sales team (IPv4 requires justification).


What if I am worried about the resources my VM may use?

You can set maximum values to restrict how far eNlight can upscale your VM. In any case, the system would only upscale your VM if it needed more resources, e.g. during peak periods.


Will you be supporting Windows Server in the future?

Yes, in the future. Auto scaling is not currently supported on Windows Server hence eNlight is a Linux-only platform. We will inform customers as & when Windows Server support becomes available.


Do you charge for technical support, if I need help?

No. Fully managed technical support is included as standard. You can contact our support technicians at any time during the day or night for assistance free of charge.


Do you back up the data on eNlight Cloud VMs on behalf of customers?

While we back up the data on our storage network for our internal DR procedures, we cannot restore these backups on request. You will need to consider using a cloud backup solution.


How does eNlight Cloud comply with regulatory & legal requirements?

We undergo monthly audits to ensure we are complying with all regulatory & legal requirements, alongside regular audits of our router & access logs as part of our security procedures.


What payment methods do you support for refilling eNlight Cloud credit?

Debit or Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, UK Maestro, American Express, Discover & Switch/Solo), PayPal, Bank Wire Transfer or Cheque/Money Order.


When can I expect my eNlight Cloud order to be set up?

Your order should be set up within a few hours. In the unlikely event your order is flagged for review by our fraud prevention team it may take a little longer. In this case, you will receive a call at the earliest.


How are optional addons billed for, like cPanel or Plesk?

They are charged for directly through your active credit balance. This way there are no separate invoices needing your attention. The system deducts the license fee for the addon(s) you are using each month.


I am interested in eNlight Cloud for Cluster. Who do I contact?

One of our friendly and experienced sales executives will be happy to help you. Simply call us on 0800 862 0380 or e-mail us on [email protected].


Where can I find info about how much eNlight Cloud charge for resources?

We've created a calculator which provides an illustration of the charges you can expect. The charges will vary based on the amount of resources your VM is allocated, which can vary.


When I refill the credit on my eNlight Cloud account, is VAT included?

Yes, VAT is inclusive at the current rate of 20%. This is not added on top of the amount of credit you wish to deposit to your eNlight Cloud account – it is included in the price.

eNlight Cloud is a pay as you go cloud hosting platform that intelligently autoscales computing resources seamlessly in the background. Unlike other cloud hosting platforms which charge you based on the amount of resources allocated, eNlight Cloud works differently by only charging you for the resources which your cloud server uses. What's more, because eNlight Cloud autoscales computing resources as demand changes, eNlight is more efficient at lowering your operational costs.

Our cloud hosting platform is entirely prepaid and runs from the credit which is deposited when you sign up to eNlight Cloud. When credit is running low, you simply top up your account's credit – with no invoices or direct debits to worry about. eNlight deducts credit on 5 minute intervals, so the credit you see is always the credit you have left.

Because eNlight works on a pay as you go billing model, our system automatically generates statistical reports for you which lists the resources your virtual machine(s) have used over the month and how much credit was deducted at each interval, among other things.

You have fine-grained control over how autoscalable you need eNlight Cloud to be – you can set minimum and maximum RAM and CPU values, meaning eNlight will not autoscale resources beyond these points; and whether you would like eNlight to provide the best performance or be as conservative as possible, depending on your budget.

You only pay for the resources your virtual machine uses, which is deducted automatically from your account credit. Because eNlight Cloud is a fully prepaid service, you won't have any monthly invoices or direct debits to worry about. Our system will also automatically notify you as and when your credit runs low.

Credit is deducted in near real time – so the credit you see is always the credit you have available. We also provide in-depth graphs to give you a detailed look at how our system has deducted credit and for what resources – these graphs get updated every 15 minutes.

Credit can be topped up using PayPal, Google Checkout or by Bank Transfer. You can top up as little as 10 each time. It's worth mentioning that credit never expires regardless of how much or how little you top up and/or use.

When you look at other cloud hosting platforms, you are given a set amount of resources which your virtual machine is allocated. During peak periods, your virtual machine will be using a heavier amount of resources to keep things running smoothly. If you run an eCommerce store, you may experience regular traffic spikes – such as during the holiday season.

In order to accommodate for this increased demand and ensure your business can handle the extra traffic, you might have extra resources allocated to your virtual machine which you are paying for, but not using regularly. In a sense, they are there as a safety net in case your business experiences a sudden surge in traffic or sales.

eNlight Cloud solves this problem in a very efficient way: it intelligently autoscales RAM and CPU resources seamlessly on-the-fly. And because you only pay for the resources you use, your operational costs will be noticeably lower.

You have fine-grained control over how resources are allocated to your virtual machine to prevent any nasty surprises. You can set the limit on which eNlight is allowed to scale resources up to. If you always need a certain amount of computing resources, you can also set minimum values. Setting minimum CPU and RAM resources means your virtual machine will be physically allocated those resources but will still upscale resources when needed.

eNlight Cloud is as safe and secure a physical server; with data being stored on a central storage platform and accessed via a storage network. This provides benefits both in terms of security and redundancy.

If any problems are detected with the node which your virtual machine resides on, our system automatically moves all affected virtual machines onto another healthy node on the cluster. In the worst case scenario, your virtual machine would be offline for a minute or two if it needed to be rebooted.

Should your virtual machine need to be migrated onto another node, your data will remain safe and unaffected as it is hosted on a separate and secure storage platform. You can also encrypt the virtual hard disk in the same manner you would a physical disk if needed.

eNlight Cloud Hosting

When uptime and reliability matters, you need a solution which is designed with this in mind. eNlight Cloud is designed to avoid downtime that can take a traditional hosting set up offline – these things can include disk drive failure, server component failure or switch failure. eNlight Cloud consists of a cluster of servers connected to a remote storage device with data striped down multiple devices, redundant switches and uplinks with enough network capacity to handle losing 40% of all the hardware nodes. eNlight Cloud is a fully managed service with 24 x 7 technical support as standard.

As with all of our products, eNlight Cloud is a fully managed service with 24 x 7 technical support via e-mail, phone and live chat.

eNlight Cloud for Linux

  • Full Root Access
  • Scale up to 64 GB RAM & 24 CPUs
  • 1 Free IP Address
  • cPanel and WHM (Optional)
  • Web-Based VM Management
  • Instant VM Provisioning

eNlight Cloud for Cluster

  • Create Cloud Servers in a Cluster
  • Mix & Match Linux & Windows Servers
  • Network Security on VLANs
  • Host Databases Separately
  • Full Control via Web Console
  • Instant VM Provisioning

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