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Hardware Virtualisation

With Virtuozzo based VPS, the single VM can result in slow performance of the node due to software virtualisation layer. But with eNlight Cloud Hypervisor based vLite; your VPS is not affected by other customers. You have total control of your resource usage, thus resulting in excellent performance. Also, since the RAM & Disk of your VM is physically separated from other customers, it results in an added layer of security. In case any other site is hacked, or witnesses a virus attack, your VPS is kept safe and free of all these damages. This way, you can have complete peace of mind and focus on your core business.


With eNlight Cloud Hypervisor based vLite; you no longer have to share the CPU & RAM of the hosting node with other VPS, which makes vLite more reliable and stable, without causing overload. The VMs are based on high performance SAS Disks, due to which the transaction is 6 times faster as compared to a normal virtualisation solution. vLite ensures that your server is up and running at all times, with no downtime, and receives the allocated resources so that you are always online.


vLite guarantees greater availability and performance. This is because the resources are all given guaranteed allotments on every individual server, which can be upgraded when required. This results in greater uptime and increased speeds. With eNlight powered vLite, you are totally at ease about your servers updates. Now you don't have to spend time running routine maintenance checks, and your server gets updates automatically when updates are available.

Auto Scaling

vLite comes with the power of burstable RAM and CPU (optional extra), so you no longer have to worry about resource allocation as vLite takes care of all your resource requirements and adjusts the resources in real time automatically without having to reboot the server. With its smart technology, vLite senses the need for additional resources and the need to withdraw them, thus ensuring top notch performance. The technology measures the resource utilisations in a virtual environment and automatically detects the resource requirement associated with it. Furthermore, upon detection of resources requirement, vLite decides whether RAM or CPU is to be scaled and scales accordingly in order to compensate the resource requirement. With automatic scaling, vLite lets you scale resources within seconds, up to your maximum permissible limit.

vLite VPS Hosting Technical Diagram
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