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Why use Patchman?

Most websites run on CMS applications like WordPress, Magento, Drupal and Joomla. New versions are constantly being released but delayed updating leaves around 46% of websites using out of date versions with vulnerabilities cybercriminals will try to exploit.

With as many as 5% of websites being compromised every month, Patchman provides the peace of mind that out of date applications will be detected and patched automatically, malware will be discovered and removed and hackers will be prevented from entering your site.

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Free setup

We’ll set up Patchman on your behalf, free of charge.

24/7 support

Need help with your Patchman security? We’re here for you, 24 hours a day – every day!

Instant notifications

Patchman lets you know immediately if there is a problem on your website.

Easy to use interface

User-friendly interface, accessible over the internet.

Integrates with cPanel

Access Patchman from within your cPanel control panel.

Integrates with Plesk

Access Patchman from within your Plesk control panel.

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Stay Secure

Patchman is a powerful security tool that automatically finds, fixes and protects your website from a range of security problems. With automated scanning and patching of vulnerabilities, you can rest assured that your CMS website has round the clock protection from threats.

eUKhost - Vulnerability Scanning & Patching

Vulnerability Scanning & Patching

Detects and patches security vulnerabilities in outdated CMS, eCommerce software and plugins, eliminating the risk of compromise and stopping hackers from gaining access.

eUKhost - Malware Detection & Removal

Malware Detection & Removal

Signature-based malware detection and full-file cleaning keep your website threat-free, making sure you are protected from a wide range of abuse vectors.

eUKhost - Stops Website Take Overs

Stops Website Take Overs

Detects and quarantines malicious scripts that take over your website and use it to send spam, take part in DDoS attacks and distribute malware to others.


Research has shown that 60% of business fail within 6 months of a cyberattack. The major reason for this is due to the loss of business through having your website offline and the expense of recovery.

With the number of cyberattacks increasing rapidly and growing in sophistication, the chances of becoming a victim are greater than ever and website owners need to put robust protections in place.

The biggest threat to CMS websites, like WordPress, Drupal, Magento and Joomla, is the exploitation of vulnerabilities in outdated CMS software, eCommerce platforms and plugins. Cybercriminals use these to infect your site with malware that can carry out a wide range of actions. These can include ransoms, data theft, deleting files and data, taking your site offline or taking it over to carry out malicious activities like redirecting links to scam websites.

Patchman is specifically designed to protect CMS. It seeks out outdated software and patches them to remove vulnerabilities while scanning your site for signs of malware infection.


Once you have purchased your Patchman plan, our team will take care of the installation and setup for you. The service will begin operating as soon as this happens without you needing to do anything.

Patchman has a two-step approach to removing vulnerabilities and malware. If either is detected, the first step is to send you an immediate notification by email. This enables you to access the Patchman dashboard, find out what remedial action is needed and, if you need to, carry it out manually.

The opportunity for manual action is important for websites that need to use legacy software or which have made modifications to their coding that could be affected by automated patching or malware removal.

If remedial action is not carried out manually, Patchman then automates the process. Infections are quarantined after 24 hours and vulnerable software patched after 10 days.

Importantly, Patchman only patches specific security vulnerabilities rather than updating the entire application, as this can affect the website's functionality. In the unlikely event that a patch does affect your website's functionality, Patchman enables you to undo the patching and roll back. You can also reapply the patch if required.


The Patchman dashboard can be accessed in cPanel or Plesk. Here, you can perform manual scans, find a list of detected applications and see whether they are outdated, see a list of any vulnerabilities and take actions to remove them.


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