How Should You Enable BoxTrapper in cPanel

December 8, 2021 / Plesk

This tutorial will explain to you how to enable BoxTrapper in cPanel. BoxTrapper is a utility that helps you decrease the quantity of spam you get.

Spam Filters should be used in combination with BoxTrapper to reduce server load and backscatter to unauthorized email addresses.

Follow these steps:

1. Log in to cPanel.


2. Under the Email section, click on the BoxTrapper button.

BoxTrapper button

3. A list of email addresses will be displayed with the status.

4. To enable BoxTrapper for the email address, click on the Manage option.

enable BoxTrapper

5. “Configure BoxTrapper” page will open.

6. In front of “Current status,” click the “Enable” tab.

Current status

7. You will receive a success message after enabling the BoxTrapper.


In this manner, BoxTrapper will be enabled in cPanel. Hope you liked this article. If yes, you will definitely love our support. If you are considering starting a website and are looking for affordable hosting, visit our cPanel Hosting page.

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