Hyperslice Virtual Servers – Gettings Started

December 15, 2022 / Servers, Hosting & Email

This article applies to Hyperslice virtual servers purchased from the 1st of November 2022.

Firewall Management – This option allows you to add and remove firewall rules, note that this is independent of any firewall that may be installed on your server. The firewall filters traffic before it reaches your server so have priority over any rule you have configured on your server’s firewall.
Firewall Management


CPU Usage Graphs – Display your historical CPU usage in graph form.
CPU Usage Graphs


Start – If your server is stopped or shut down, this option will start your server.

Stop – This option will put you server into a suspended state without shutting it down, the server will not be accessible until you start it again.

Reboot – This option will do a soft reboot of your server by sending a signal to your operating system tell it to restart itself.

Shutdown – This will do a soft shutdown of your server.


For all the above options it will show you a pop-up window, you just have to “Confirm” it, as shown below.


Rebuild – This option allows you to reinstall your operating system, use with care as all data will be deleted.


Open Console – This option will open your server console, on Linux this will be the command line, and on Windows, your desktop.
Open Console


View Password – This option will display your server password NOTE:  if you have changed your password directly on your server then this may not match.
View Password


Reset Password – This option will do a forced reset of your server password, you would typically use this if you have lost your password as you can change your password from the console without rebooting.
Reset Password



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