How to Setup An Addon Domain in Plesk Control Panel

December 2, 2021 / Plesk

In this guide, you will learn how to set up an addon domain in Plesk.

As the title indicates, an Addon Domain is a second domain name that you can link to your Windows Hosting. You can build an effective functional website for your Addon Domain name, exactly like you would for your Main Domain.

Let us follow the steps for setting up an addon domain in Plesk:

1. Log in to the Plesk control panel.

2. Select the Add Domain tab at the top of the screen.

3. “Adding New Domain Name” page will appear.

4. Fill in the appropriate information. Such as Domain name, location of website’s files, Hosting type.

5. Activate the DNS service and mail service.

6. Set the hosting settings; document root and preferred domain.

7. Enable Git support you want.

8. Finally click the Ok button.

9. This procedure takes about a few moments, after which you will acquire a confirmation notification.

How easy it was, isn’t it? You just have to follow these easy steps and you will set up an addon domain in Plesk. For more such knowledgeable articles visit eukhost on regular basis and for any help do contact our support team 24×7.

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