Which EasyApache 4 Profiles are Compatible with HTTP2

January 17, 2022 / How-to Guide

In this article, you will get information about HTTP2 compatible EasyApache 4 profiles.

Currently, we have EA4 profiles which have mod_http2 installed. Regarding HTTP2, if you want it then you have to make a profile.

As mod_http2 is not adaptable with MPM prefork, there is a simple way to create profiles that use Worker, such as ALL PHP options + OpCache profile. If you are looking to customize your profile you need to follow the following steps :

Follow the following steps for EasyApache 4

Step 1: Go to the section EasyApache4 and click on the “Customize” option.


Step 2: Click on Apache modules and search the bar for “mod_http2” now you can see the toggle button and scroll right to install.

Apache modules

Step 3: Now go to the Review

Step 4: After Clicking on the “Provision” and you can get your results.


We sincerely hope that you must now have got a clear idea regarding Which EasyApache 4 profiles are compatible with HTTP2.

However, if you are still facing any difficulty in the procedure mentioned above, feel free to reach out to the eukhost for proactive support 24×7.

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