How to Enable SMTP Settings for a Gmail Inbox

May 23, 2024 /

This guide will illustrate how to enable SMTP settings for a Gmail inbox. It allows you to send emails through Gmail’s servers and external applications, ensuring reliable and authenticated email delivery.

Configuring Custom SMTP Settings for Gmail-
If you are setting up SMTP overrides to a Gmail inbox, follow these steps to ensure everything is correctly configured.

  1. Enable IMAP in Gmail:
    1. Go to your Google/Gmail account settings: Settings > See all settings.
      see all settings
    2. Select the “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” tab.
      Forwarding and POP/IMAP
    3. Under the “IMAP Access” section, toggle on the option to Enable IMAP.
  2. Enable 2-Step Verification:
    1. You need to have 2-Step Verification enabled for your Google account because Google deprecated the use of Less Secure Apps as of May 2022. This means you cannot use your regular Google account password for SMTP authentication.
  3. Generate an App Password:
    1. Navigate to your Google Account settings and select App Passwords.
    2. Name your app and click Create.
    3. A new app password will be generated. Copy this password.
  4. Configure SMTP Settings:
    1. Go to the Emails section at the top of your dashboard.
    2. Click on SMTP Overrides in the left-hand sidebar menu.
    3. Ensure the Sender Details: Email and Authentication: Username match your Google app’s email address. Use the app password generated in the previous step for the password field.
      sender details
    4. Fill out the Mail Server section as follows-
      Outgoing Server:
      Port: 587
      Encryption: TLS
      Authentication: Base64 encoded
  5. Save Changes and Test:
    1. Save your changes.
    2. Send a test email using the ‘Send Test Email’ function on the SMTP Overrides page to confirm that emails are being sent from your custom email account.

By following these steps, you can successfully configure custom SMTP settings for your Gmail inbox.

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