How to Fix the Unexpected Apache Shutdown Error

December 25, 2023 / How-to Guide

Dealing with the “Apache shutdown unexpectedly” error can be annoying, especially when you’re busy with important web development tasks. This problem often happens in places like XAMPP and can have various causes.

Here’s a complete guide to help you fix this issue:

Understand the error- This problem happens when Apache, a common web server software, can’t start because of conflicts or setup problems. You might see the error message in development tools like the XAMPP control panel.

  1. Look for Port Conflicts-
    Check which ports Apache is using. Apache usually uses port 80 for HTTP and port 443 for HTTPS. Use tools like netstat on Windows or Linux to see if these ports are already being used.

    1. How To Change Apache ports:
      1. Open the XAMPP Control Panel.
      2. Select ‘httpd.conf’ and ‘httpd-ssl.conf’.
      3. Look for ‘Listen 80’ and ‘Listen 443’ and change these to unused ports like 8080 or 8443.
      4. Save the files and restart Apache.
  2. Now you need to check for Skype Conflict.
    Skype Port Conflict: Skype sometimes uses port 80 and 443.

    1. Open Skype.
    2. Go to Tools > Options > Advanced > Connection.
    3. Uncheck ‘Use port 80 and 443 for additional incoming connections’.
  3. Now, Check Windows Firewall Settings
    Enable Apache to pass through the Windows Firewall.

    1. Access the Windows Firewall settings.
    2. Choose ‘Allow an app or feature through Windows Firewall.’
    3. Verify if Apache is listed and permitted for both Private and Public networks.
    4. If not, include Apache in the list.
  4.  Run with Administrative Privileges:Administrator Rights: At times, resolving the issue may involve running XAMPP with administrator privileges.
    1. Open XAMPP’s Control Panel.
    2. Now, Select ‘Run as administrator’.
  5. Now, Inspect Apache Logs
    Check Error Logs: Reviewing Apache logs can help you understand the root cause of the problem.

    1. In the XAMPP Control Panel, you need to click on the ‘Logs’.
    2. Here check for any error messages that could indicate the problem.
  6. Reinstall XAMPP
    As a final option, reinstall XAMPP if other solutions don’t work.

    1. Uninstall XAMPP.
    2. Download the latest version.
    3. Install XAMPP.
    4. Try to start Apache.

Addressing the “Apache shutdown unexpectedly” error typically requires troubleshooting port conflicts, firewall settings, and permissions. By following these steps, you can often resolve the issue and restore Apache functionality. If you’re still facing issues, consider reaching out to our support team.

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