How to Use WHM Feature Manager

In this tutorial, you will learn How to Use the WHM Feature Manager.

WHM’s Feature Manager allows you to choose the features you want to make available in your accounts’ cPanel.

You’ll have more control over the features you offer in your web hosting packages this way. This allows you to better scale your options and is more flexible when delivering web hosting services to your consumers.

“A Feature List is a collection of features”

The steps for adding the feature list are as follows:

1. The Feature Manager may be found in the “Packages” area of the left-hand column.

2. Select “Feature Manager” to create a new feature list.

3. Fill in a name for the Feature List. Select Add “Feature List” from the menu.

4. All of the cPanel features are unchecked by default; you can check the boxes next to the ones you want to use. Check the uppermost box that says, “Select all the features for” if you want to add all the features.

5. Save the new feature list by clicking the “Save button”

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