How to Increase the Upload Limit in phpMyAdmin

If you are looking to increase the speed of your upload in phpMyAdmin, then you are at the right post.

If an SQL file that is uploaded through phpMyAdmin has been exceeding the upload size limit and the post size limit, then the following error will occur:

phpMyAdmin – Error
Incorrect format parameter

This type of error is provided because of the part of the file that has been uploaded due to the upload limit which results in a corrupted import.

It Is necessary to increase the cPanel PHP max upload size and cPanel PHP max POST size values to increase the maximum upload limit in phpMyAdmin.

2047MB is a limit where you can increase the value, if the import file is bigger than 2047MB, then you can use this command.

Steps to Follow:

1. Log in to WHM as a root user.

2. Steer to: WHM Home => Server Configuration => Tweak Settings.

3. Now click on the PHP tab

4. As you can see the “cPanel PHP max upload size” option over there, now increase the upload limit to your set value.

5. More than 2047MB values will not be permitted.

6. For the “cPanel PHP max POST size” option, as you can increase the POST value according to your convince.

7. You can Save options at the bottom of your screen and now you can save.

Once it’s completed, you will be able to see that PhpMyAdmin shows the new maximum upload size on the import screen which is next to the upload button.

We hope you now know how to increase the maximum upload cap in phpMyAdmin. If you continue to have issues with the above-mentioned procedure, please contact the eukhost team for assistance 24×7.