On a per-domain basis, How to Enable or Disable the DKIM Record

October 17, 2023 / cPanel & WHM

This article explains how to enable or disable the DKIM record on a per domain basis.

Follow the steps:

  1. When you are using WHM interface, there is a global option to enable SPF & DKIM records to all domains on the server.
  2. Log in to WHM.
  3. Select “DNS Functions” category and click on the “Enable DKIM/SPF globally” sub-option.
    DNS functions
  4. Yet, utilising the cPanel API calls; you can enable or disable the DKIM record for specific domains. There is no method to accomplish this via the WHM interface.
  5. To carry out this process, you must possess a working knowledge of the cPanel API calls.
  6. You can execute these calls using the command-line interface or access them through WHM’s terminal feature, enabling the performance of precise cPanel operations.
  7. Now, to enable or disable a DKIM record for a domain, you will have to refer the following commands-
    1. To enable DKIM-
      whmapi1 enable_dkim domain=cptest-2.com
    2. To disable DKIM-
      whmapi1 disable_dkim domain=cptest-2.com

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