Using Snapshot Backups

February 10, 2023 / Virtual Server

This article applies to Hyperslice VPS and Hyperslice Cloud Servers.

All Hyperslice VPS and Hyperslice Cloud servers include snapshot backups, these are designed for disaster recovery and as such are not a replacement for a fully fledged backup service such as our Acronis backup .

For snapshot backups the following applies:

  • Snapshot backups are taken every 24 hours from the initial build time of the server, for example, if your server was built at 9:30 am then your snapshot will be taken at 9:30 am each day thereafter.
  • 3 days of snapshots are provided with each server as standard.
  • You can only restore full servers, restoration of individual files and folders is not possible.

Restoring a Snapshot Backup

  1.  Click Snapshot Backups
  2. Locate the backup you want to restore and click under Actions
  3. Click Restore
  4. Click Confirm to start the restore

Your server will shutdown and the restore process will start, once completed your server will automatically boot back up.

You can check the status of the restore by clicking on Management and scrolling down to Activity Logs.

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