How to Change the Status of Domains in Plesk

May 27, 2022 / Domain and DNS Plesk

In this guide, we will explain to you how to change the status of Domains in Plesk.

Let us follow the steps to change the status of domains in Plesk:

1. Log in to Plesk.


2. Select the “Hosting services” option.

hosting services

3. Click on the “Domains” sub-option.


4. You will enter into a new interface.

5. Here you can “Add a domain”, “Add subdomain”, “add domain Alias”, “Change the status” or even “Remove” it.

6. Select the “Domain” from the list.

Add Domain

7. Then click on the drop-down menu of the “Change Status” option.

Change Status

8. Here we are activating the domain. So select the “Activate” option.


9. As soon as you activate the domain, you will get a success message.


I hope you all liked it and also grasped everything very well. For more information do visit eukhost KB section regularly.

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