cPanel & WHM Licensing Changes (Detailed Overview)

November 1, 2019 / Web Hosting

cPanel Pricing

Back in June 2019, cPanel announced a complete overhaul of their pricing model, a move that saw significant price increases for many of their users. You can find cPanel’s original announcement here:

While the new pricing structure came into force on the 1st September, we held off increasing our prices to give our customers time to adjust and make any changes to their usage to fit with the new per account model.

We are now ready to announce our new pricing which we will be applying from the 1st of November.

(All prices listed are ex VAT)

cPanel Plan Platform Account Limit Price/mo ex VAT
cPanel Admin VPS/Cloud Only Up to 5 £9.36
cPanel Pro VPS/Cloud Only Up to 30 £18.41
cPanel Plus VPS/Cloud Only Up to 50 £26.41
Premier Fixed 100 Dedicated Server/ VPS/Cloud Up to 100 £34.01
Premier Fixed 150 Dedicated Server/ VPS/Cloud Up to 150 £39.72
Premier Fixed 200 Dedicated Server/ VPS/Cloud Up to 200 £51.13
Premier Fixed 250 Dedicated Server/ VPS/Cloud Up to 250 £35.37
Additional 50 Accounts Dedicated Server/ VPS/Cloud N/A £4.57

We have purposely kept our pricing extremely competitive and will continue to be one of the lowest cost cPanel providers in the world.

Our sales department will be happy to discuss any questions you might have regarding the new pricing model, just click the live chat button at the bottom right to be connected.

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