Domain Levels (TLD, SLD, gTLD, ccTLD)

September 27, 2006 / Business

There are different domain levels in the Internet domain naming system.

TLD – Top Level Domains

The highest level domain category in the Internet domain naming system. The portion of a domain name that comes after the dot. So, in, the top level domain is .com

SLD – Second Level Domains

The portion of a domain name that comes before the dot. So, in, eukhost is the second level domain.

gTLD – Generic TOP Level Domains

Top level domains that are not associated with any country are called as gTLD. .com, .net & .org are the only currently existing gTLD’s. Initially, the top level domain designation was meant to denote whether the domain name was being used for network (.net), business (.com), or for charity/non-profit (.org).

But the Internet revolution & the explosion of world wide web erased these lines, companies and individuals alike started cross-registering domains (ie.,, just to protect their interests. Now these generic top level domains can be used for any purpose.

ccTLD – Country Code Top Level Domain

Two letter country code domain reserverd by every Country in the world is called ccTLD – Country Code Top Level Domain. Examples of ccTLDs are .uk (United Kingdom), .us (United States), .ca (Canada) & in (India). In general, these are registered by businesses with a coincidental link to the TLD in question.

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