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March 23, 2022 / Business


If you are self-employed, you’ll likely do a lot of your communicating with customers, suppliers and other contacts via email. The email address you use for business communications speaks volumes about your company, while the quality of the email hosting can play an important role in helping you stay organised and on top of your game.

Here, we look at why the self-employed need professional email hosting.

  1. It makes you look more professional
    With professional email hosting, you can use a business domain name for your emails. So instead of having a or for your address, you can use This can have an immediate impact on people who receive your emails as it presents you as a professional, something that can be helpful for the self-employed when competing with bigger companies.
  2. Increases trust and confidence
    Today, customers expect that the companies they deal with will have an own-domain email address. Indeed, when people receive business emails from free email services, it can make them suspicious about whether the email is genuine or not. After all, anyone can set up a Gmail or Outlook email account and make it look like they are a business. A lot of spam and phishing emails are sent using free email addresses.

    One of the biggest benefits of having your domain email address is that the domain belongs to you. When people receive email from such an address, it increases trust that it is genuine and gives them greater confidence to use your services.

  3. Protects your brand’s reputation
    When you purchase a domain name, no one else can use it. This stops other companies from buying it and using your company’s name and reputation to steal your custom. It also prevents cybercriminals from buying it and using it to defraud your customers.

  4. Multiple email addresses
    One of the most important benefits of having professional email hosting with your domain name is that you can have multiple email addresses for your business. While self-employed people might not have a lot of employees, they can all have their business email addresses. You can even make your company look bigger than it is by creating different professional email addresses for different purposes, so that it looks like you have several departments, for example, sales@, customer-service@ and finance@. You can even set up addresses for specific things, such as newsletter@.

  5. Do more with your email
    When you have good email hosting, there is a lot more you can do with your email. Creating, managing and deleting email accounts is much easier, you can access emails over webmail from any browser or integrate them into your favourite applications, like Outlook, for use on PC and phone. You can also set up email forwarding and autoresponders, as well as create and share calendars, contact lists and tasks, all of which can be done via an easy to use dashboard.

  6. Save time and boost security
    Inboxes get inundated with spam emails, many of which can have security threats, like phishing, attachments that install malware, or links to malicious websites. You’ll find that some professional email hosting plans, like those at eukhost, come with the SpamExperts enterprise-class spam filter included. Cutting out 99.98% of all spam emails, can save you hours cleaning up your inbox every week and protect your devices from malware, ransomware, phishing and other security threats.

  7. Use the domain for both email and a website
    The same domain name you use for your email address can also be used for hosting a website. If you haven’t got a business website, this makes perfect sense, as it enables your business to be found online and be seen by far more potential customers. What’s more, if you choose a web hosting plan at eukhost, you’ll get professional email hosting included in the price, so it won’t cost you any more. And with one-click installation of easy-to-use website building programs, like WordPress, you can be online in no time.

  8. Protect recipients with email certificates
    Cybercriminals can target your customers by sending fake emails that look like they come from your business. Sometimes, these fakes can be very difficult to distinguish from the real thing and this is why so many people fall victim.

    Email SSL Certificates protect your customers by verifying that the email received is genuinely from you and not anyone else. For double protection, they also encrypt your email and attachments when they are being sent so that they cannot be intercepted or tampered with on route.


For self-employed people still using free email services, like Gmail or Outlook, professional email address can have a positive impact on your business. With your domain and hosting, you can look more professional, improve customer trust and confidence, communicate more effectively and securely and reduce the amount of time you spend sorting through spam.

For more information, visit our Email Hosting page.  


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