How Much of an Expert is Your Web Host?

How Much of an Expert is Your Web Host?

When you choose a hosting company, you put your website into their trust. If your business relies on that website, that’s a big responsibility to hand over. If they let you down, your entire business could be at risk. It is crucial, therefore, that when you’re searching for a hosting provider, you do more than look at the price. You also need to know that your host has the in-house expertise to provide exceptional hosting and customer support.

At eUKhost, this is something we take very seriously indeed. For us, providing a great service means making sure that our team is fully trained in all aspects of hosting and that they continue to keep pace with developments as technology progresses.

One example that illustrates our dedication to excellence, is our expertise in cPanel and WHM. If you run a Linux based website, chances are that you’ll use cPanel, a control panel and suite of tools needed to manage your site and server through a web browser. If you operate a VPS or dedicated server, you may also use Web Host Manager (WHM), a program that permits administrative access to the cPanel backend. WHM enables a user to manage multiple resource-intensive websites, resell web hosting services and create multiple cPanel accounts.

Whilst cPanel and WHM are designed to be user-friendly, understanding the nuts and bolts from a host’s perspective can be complicated and challenging. If you’re a potential user of such software, it’s important that any web host you opt for knows how to give you informed presales advice, deal with any technical problems you may face, and, crucially, know themselves how to manage a server and website using cPanel and WHM.

At eUKhost, this is exactly what we do. As a certified provider of cPanel and WHM, we ensure that our team is fully trained in all aspects of managing this software. The way we have chosen to do this is by enrolling in the cPanel University.

cPanel University

To ensure their products are managed in the best way, cPanel has set up a university which offers a range of courses for IT specialists. At the end of each course, the specialists take a rigorous 90-minute examination and, if they pass, certification is achieved.

These are not easy exams to pass. The pass score is 90% and, globally, less than 25% of exams taken have resulted in a pass being given.

If you’re an eUKhost customer, however, you’ll be pleased to know that our staff has achieved a 96% pass rate.

The cPanel and WHM qualifications we take

To look after our customers, eUKhost staff take three different exams, two of them are technical exams and one is a sales exam. Here’s a little bit more about each of them.

Technical exams

The cPanel University’s technical exams were designed to establish professional standards in cPanel and WHM troubleshooting and support. They ensure that those who have passed have the required technical ability to work with the programs. IT specialists are examined on everything from general Linux knowledge to in-depth cPanel and WHM troubleshooting tools and techniques.

The two technical certificates we take are the cPanel & WHM Administrator Certification (CWA) and the cPanel & WHM Systems Administrator I Certification (CWSA-I).

cPanel & WHM Administrator Certification (CWA)

The cPanel & WHM Administrator Certification tests our employees on their knowledge of server administration, including email troubleshooting, web stack setup, custom DNS configurations and administration of SQL engines through WHM.

cPanel & WHM Systems Administrator I Certification (CWSA-I)

The cPanel and WHM Systems Administrator I Exam requires our employees to have an in-depth knowledge of how to manage a cPanel and WHM server from the command line. This proves their expertise in utilising cPanel provided scripts, troubleshooting common issues and safely managing an entire server.

Sales advice exams

If someone calls us for advice about the best hosting services for their needs, it’s crucial that we can provide expert guidance on the control panels and server management programs we use. For this reason, our staff also take the cPanel and WHM Sales Certification. This exam covers the features, benefits and technical usage of cPanel and WHM, enabling us to give detailed advice about helping you choose a cPanel and WHM server, VPS or cloud hosting.

How good is eUKhost in comparison to other hosts?

We’re very pleased that our expertise in cPanel and WHM is the best of any company that participates in the cPanel University training program. As you can see from the leader board below, we’re the number one, all time experts in cPanel and WHM.

What does this mean for our customers?

For a start, it means that if you use cPanel or WHM you know you’ll get the best sales advice and technical help in the business. However, there is more to it than this. Our work with cPanel and WHM is just one of many areas in which we train our staff. We are dedicated to ensuring that eUKhost’s hosting and customer support is second to none and, for this reason, our mission is to remain experts in all the areas that matter. So, when you ask us to host your website, you know that it is in safe hands.

It certainly matters to our current customers, as you can tell by their reviews of our services.

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