How Your Web Hosting Benefits from AI

August 8, 2022 / Web Hosting

How Your Web Hosting Benefits from AI

The amazing potential of artificial intelligence (AI) means it is being used almost everywhere. Today, that includes web hosting, where it is being utilised by service providers and website owners alike to carry out vital tasks quicker and better than ever before. Here, we examine the advantages that AI offers to web hosting.

Find the right domain name

Startups often spend a great deal of time, effort and money exploring different brand names and domain names before launching their business. Getting this right can be the difference between success and failure. If people don’t like the name, they won’t buy the product. In the past, final decisions have been based on things like gut feelings, the opinions of brand consultants and customer research. Today, companies are turning to AI as well.

What AI provides companies with are insights based on the analyses of millions of other domains. In doing so, it can look at your preferred domain names and predict how these will perform over time in terms of traffic and revenue. Even better, they can also predict how individual pages can perform by analysing the traffic and conversion performance of specific URLs.

While there is a wide range of other factors that will affect the performance of the site and its pages, such as the site’s design and content, what AI does offer is a solid foundation on which to launch your website and your brand, giving it the best chance of being popular in terms of its name.

Protect domain reputations

In the digital age, your domain name is a vital part of your brand. This makes it important to secure the right domain names for your business and that you protect your brand by ensuring that other domain names, that could be thought of as your business, are not being used by others to profit from your company’s reputation or, worse, scam your customers.

Today, businesses are using AI to monitor the registration of domains in order to spot potential cybercriminals that might be trying to register a domain that has similarities to their own. This specifically tracks those domains that are being registered via a proxy server, as this is the route criminals take in order not to be identified.

Domain Name

Should such a registration take place, the company is then notified. The benefit here is that brands can be made aware of domains that might potentially be used to create cloned sites or conduct other illegal activities using their brand name.

Better security

Artificial intelligence is playing an increasingly important role in cyber security. Today, web hosts deploy advanced firewalls that use databases of billions of different malware. As a result, not only are threats identified and quarantined before they reach the server, the tens of thousands of new variants that appear every day are blocked too. This use of AI is also used to identify and block hacking attacks and filter out spam and phishing emails.

These AI and machine learning-enabled cybersecurity systems are so sophisticated that whenever a new type of threat is identified, that too is incorporated into the databases to help predict and identify future attacks.

Improved uptime

Every business understands the need to prevent downtime. If a website goes offline, sales are lost and the brand’s reputation is damaged. Today, web hosts are using AI to help prevent hardware failure and keep their customers’ websites online.

The reason this is possible is because of the invention of self-healing artificial intelligence. This advanced type of software is able to scan data centre systems, identify potential problems with hardware or the network and carry out preventative measures to stop disasters from arising. For example, the AI can detect the early signs of pending hardware failure, transfer the systems running on it to more stable hardware and then notify the web host about the faulty server and the fault that needs fixing.

In other instances, it can automatically install updates or, to optimise performance, alter a server’s configuration. It is only a matter of time before self-healing systems are combined with robotics so that they can carry out any hardware repairs automatically too.


Artificial intelligence continues to have a growing presence in all areas of business. For website owners, it promises more successful domain names, more control over potential brand fraud, better security against cyberattacks and increased reliability and higher levels of availability.

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