Little Extras That Make eukhost a Stand Out Web Host

August 10, 2021 / Web Hosting

Little Extras That Make eukhost a Stand Out Web Host

What makes a web host stand out from the crowd? At eukhost, we believe it takes more than just offering the full range of hosting solutions, like shared, VPS, dedicated servers and cloud. It also takes more than investing in state-of-the-art data centres and reliable, high-performance hardware. While we provide all these things, for our customers it’s often the little extras that make a big difference. What we offer in addition is a unique range of specialised solutions that our customers can’t find anywhere else. Here are just some of the tools and services we offer.

  • WordPress hosting
    WordPress is a website building platform with its own quirks. With sites built using lots of plugins, it can be script heavy and this can slow down its loading times. It’s also a platform that, because of its popularity, is a target of cybercriminals. With 42% of the world’s websites built using WordPress, it makes sense for eukhost to offer dedicated WordPress hosting plans where the servers are optimised to enhance speed and performance and where firewalls are configured to defend against WordPress attacks.

    Of course, this is only part of the solution. We also made sure that our plans are user-friendly, with WordPress pre-installed, intuitive control panel, advanced WordPress toolkit, free daily backups, free SSL certificate and email hosting all included.

  • Patchman
    Security has become a priority for website owners but it’s easy to let things slip when you’re working hard running a business. Two tasks that are vital to keeping a site secure are installing security patches and monitoring the website for ransomware, viruses and other malware.

    To help, we now offer customers the Patchman website security tool. Designed for CMS websites, like WordPress, Patchman takes care of both of these tasks, monitoring the site for vulnerabilities and malware. If any are found, it notifies you straight away. You can manually install a patch or remove malware manually using the Patchman dashboard; however, if you don’t manage to get around to it, Patchman will do it automatically for you, ensuring your site stays safe.

  • marketgoo
    If you want to increase the numbers of visitors your website gets and boost sales as a result, you’ll need your web pages to rank highly on Google. This is why SEO has become so important for businesses. Carrying out search engine optimisation is, however, an ongoing challenge covering a wide range of tasks. Sometimes, it’s difficult to know where to get started or what the priorities are.

    We introduced marketgoo to our range of services for this precise purpose, as it provides customers with all the tools needed to effectively optimise their sites. marketgoo analyses and audits your website, provides a prioritised checklist of the SEO work that needs doing and gives you the tools to put things in place. This all-in-one platform covers all aspects of SEO and provides many of the functions of the tools used by major companies but at a fraction of the cost. 

  • Email signing certificates
    Two of the biggest email security issues are phishing and interception. The number of businesses whose customers and employees have fallen victim to phishing scams has risen considerably over recent years, while unencrypted emails can be intercepted, enabling their contents to be stolen and tampered with.

    The email signing certificates offered at eukhost protect our customers from both of these threats. They encrypt emails and attachments so that they cannot be intercepted, stolen or tampered with and they verify the authenticity of the sender so that customers and employees know that the emails are genuine and not phishing emails.

  • Remote, encrypted backups
    Backups are essential to ensure swift disaster recovery and business continuity. At eukhost, we offer backup solutions that go above and beyond. They enable you to back up anything you need, including your entire server; schedule backups at the times and frequencies you want; store them remotely, away from your own server; keep them secure by encrypting their contents and check them for integrity, so if you do need to restore data you can be confident that the backup is not corrupted. 
  • Server and network monitoring
    Downtime and sluggish performance can have a drastic impact on your business. eukhost’s advanced server and network monitoring service monitors your server, network devices uptime, performance and available resources around the clock, giving customers the peace of mind that your server and network devices are always online and performing optimally. Our platform checks your server load, CPU and RAM usage, disk IO performance, running services, partition usage, RAID health and more, immediately notifying you and our support team if there is an issue.
  • 24/7 technical support
    In the digital age, it’s vital that issues are solved quickly. As they can happen at any time, we know that customers need support available to them 24/7. At eukhost, we don’t just offer round the clock customer service; our customers get expert technical support with experienced technicians who can help them resolve problems as swiftly as possible. What’s more, we are available by online chat, phone, ticket and email, so there are numerous ways to get the help you need.
  • Managed hosting solutions
    We understand that our customers want to focus their energies on business-related projects and don’t want their IT staff carrying out day to day management tasks when it’s more productive to use their talents elsewhere.  For this reason, we offer a wide range of managed services covering all of our hosting solutions. We’ll take care of the hardware, the operating system and other areas on your behalf.

    What makes us really different is that we also offer bespoke managed hosting solutions built around the needs of individual enterprises.


While this list could have been much longer, we hope it has given you an understanding of how we do things differently at eukhost. If we see something that can benefit our customers or satisfy their needs, whether it’s a tool or a service, we go out of our way to provide it. In this sense, we offer much more than just hosting, it’s customer-centric hosting put in place for you.  

For more information about our products and services, visit our homepage.


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