The Advantages of Managed Windows VPS Hosting

December 15, 2023 / Hosting Server

If you are considering upgrading from shared Windows hosting to Windows VPS, then one of the options you need to consider is a managed hosting package. When your hosting is managed, not only do you get all the power and performance of a virtual private server, but you’ll also benefit from the wide range of services and support that comes with the managed hosting solution. In this post, we look at the advantages of managed Windows VPS hosting.

Tailored management

Unlike shared hosting, with a VPS, you have a server all to yourself. With an unmanaged solution, the tasks of managing that server would be down to you. This would include updating and patching the operating system, server configuration and performance optimisation.

What makes managed Windows VPS hosting different to unmanaged, is that the hosting provider takes care of the server management on your behalf. This means you are free from the burden of carrying out the more technical aspects of running a website. It’s less work and less stressful, especially for those without the technical expertise to do these kinds of tasks.

What’s more, at eukhost, our management solutions aren’t rigid, we have the flexibility to cater for your own unique needs and to provide support that goes beyond the standard you might find elsewhere.

Cutting-edge infrastructure

One of the key advantages of opting for a managed Windows VPS is the top-notch hardware and software resources it comes with. At eukhost, for example, our Windows VPS are run on servers boasting the latest Intel Xeon processors and lightning-fast NVMe storage. In addition, you’ll also get the most up-to-date operating system, Windows Server 2022, which will be fully patched and ready to go.

Application support

A significant benefit of Windows VPS is its support for a wide array of applications. It supports the latest versions of MS SQL and, which is great news for developers, and for those needing to run legacy applications, the support for Classic ASP ensures you’re not left high and dry.

Domain Name

One remarkable feature of managed Windows VPS is that you are not limited to just Windows-based applications. You have the versatility of running and MSSQL applications in conjunction with PHP and MySQL applications, so you can also run popular platforms, such as WordPress or Magento, at the same time.

Industry-leading storage

While the leap from HDD to SSD drives was heralded as a revolution in terms of boosting storage speed, SSDs themselves have continued to evolve. Today’s enterprise-class SSDs use NVMe technology, which can fully exploit the potential of high-speed PCIe storage devices. Able to handle millions of operations per second, NVMe massively outperforms standard SSDs, reducing latency and providing higher data transfer rates. As eukhost’s Managed Windows VPS solutions are equipped with NVMe, our customers benefit from significantly faster website loading times.

24/7 support

As you never know when something might go wrong, round-the-clock technical support is essential for everyone who runs a website. If you are upgrading from shared hosting to VPS and have your own server to look after, that support is even more important. At eukhost, 24×7 professional support comes as standard with managed Windows VPS, ensuring that whatever the challenge, there will always be an expert there to help you get things fixed.

Proactive monitoring

While 24/7 support is there to respond to issues, a good host will also take a more proactive approach by constantly monitoring your Windows VPS for potential glitches. If a potential problem is identified, this means it can be addressed quickly before it escalates into something more serious.

The power of Plesk

The quality of your control panel can make a big difference when it comes to running your server and your website. Plesk is the industry leader for Windows server hosting. It’s an intuitive control panel, with a user-friendly interface, which provides powerful tools to manage websites, databases, emails and the server itself.

Root level access

With full administrator-level access, managed Windows VPS hosting enables you to manage, configure and tweak your server to your liking. This gives you the freedom to do things that best suit the needs of your business. It is something that is not permitted on shared hosting accounts, as everyone has to share the same server.

Advanced backup solutions

Data loss, for any reason, can have catastrophic consequences for businesses. For this reason, it is essential that you back up the data on your Windows VPS. A good web host will be able to offer advanced backup solutions that give you full control over backup frequency, retention length and encryption level. These backup solutions will also check the integrity of your backups to ensure you can use them if needed.


A Windows VPS server is a significant step up from shared Windows hosting. It provides exceptional performance and much greater storage capacity, allowing you to run more apps, build bigger websites and handle more traffic. With managed Windows VPS hosting, however, you get more than just a powerful new server, you also get all the advantages that a managed solution brings with it. Hopefully, from reading this article, you’ll now know what these are.

For more information, visit our Managed Windows VPS Hosting page.


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