Why Reseller Web Hosts Need WHM

Why Reseller Web Hosts Need WHM


Reseller hosting is a great way for developers to expand their range of services or for entrepreneurs to launch their own hosting business. However, if you are going to do it well, you need the right tools to simplify administration, make it easier to create hosting plans and manage your customers’ accounts. The best tool available today is Web Host Manager (WHM), here we explain why choosing a reseller plan with WHM included is your best option.

The magic of cPanel

WHM is a management tool for cPanel, the industry-leading, feature-packed control panel that makes it easy for your users to manage their websites and hosting. With WHM, you have total control over your hosting environment and can provide your customers with cPanel control panels – a solution that not only benefits them but could drastically reduce the amount of customer support you need to provide. Here are some of the things you can do with WHM.

White label hosting

As WHM administered cPanel accounts are white labelled, not only will your clients be unaware that you are reselling; you are also able to create your own hosting brand. This can be the same as your existing developer brand or, an entirely new brand for your new venture.  

Administer user accounts

With WHM, you can create cPanel accounts for each of your clients, delete them if they leave or suspend them if users break your terms and conditions. You will also be able to use the WHM dashboard to automate aspects of your customers’ site maintenance, such as taking backups, thus reducing the burden on them and possibly on yourself by minimising the amount of help they might need from you.  

Your own hosting plans

With WHM, reselling hosting doesn’t mean you have to sell identical hosting plans to your host. You can create hosting packages that are better suited to the needs of your clients. Plans can have different allocations of computing resources, email addresses, databases, etc. and have your own pricing structures. You can introduce tiered pricing too, offering a range of different hosting features at different costs and you can continue to add new plans as your business develops.

Storage allocation control

Got a customer who wants to upgrade to a bigger package? With WHM, this is easier than ever as you have complete control over your storage allocation. Rather than having to take their site offline while you migrate their website files to a different part of the server, you can simply allocate them more storage. As a result, they can upgrade without any disruption to their services.

Monitor your server

With WHM, you have everything you need to ensure your hosting services are working efficiently and effectively. You can use the built-in Process Manager to monitor all the active processes taking place on the server and the Service Manager to manage services, including those working in the background. The Current Disk Usage tool, meanwhile, provides you with a complete overview of how you are using your storage and how much you have free.

The benefits of reselling with eukhost

If you sign up for reseller hosting with eukhost, there are additional benefits to be gained. These include:

Managed reseller hosting

Our WHM based reseller hosting plans are managed solutions. In other words, we take care of the hosting environment on your behalf, carrying out the server management and ensuring OS updates and security patches are installed. This takes the burden off you and lets you focus on running your business.

99.99% guaranteed uptime

Your hosting clients will expect you to ensure their websites stay online. As a reseller, your ability to ensure this relies entirely on your web host. If their reliability is poor, it affects your clients too. At eukhost, we guarantee a minimum of 99.99% uptime, providing you with the assurance that your own hosting business needs to attract and retain customers of your own.

Backups included

At eukhost, reseller hosting comes with free daily backups of all your and your clients’ websites. This means if the worst happens and your clients’ sites are hacked or corrupted, you’ll be able to restore them quickly and effectively.

24×7 support

As a reseller, there may be times when you need technical support for your hosting business. eukhost provides 24×7 expert support to solve any issues quickly. What’s more, you can get in touch via live chat, phone, email or ticket.   


WHM is one of the most valuable tools a hosting reseller can use. It helps you create your own, white-labelled hosting plans, offer cPanel to your clients, manage your server and customers’ accounts while providing a wide range of other tools, such as one-click installers and server monitoring. At eukhost, this comes with the additional benefits of guaranteed uptime, free backups, round the clock support and much more. For more information, visit our Reseller Hosting page.


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